Stroller trend: calming green

mutsy evo olive babytrendwatcherI was waiting for the embargo of the last press release, but here it is: there is a new trend in strollers: green! And I’m not talking about the bright green colour from tropical countries, but I mean gray-green shades of the Northern Hemisphere, with  misty, wild forests with deciduous trees and pinetrees. Green represents growth, nature, hope, life and future. It is a calming color that provides balance and safety. We see that the color palette definitely has changed from bold colors to soft, natural tones inspired by the themes  earth, water and nature. Mutsy (see above) was one of the first brands that used melee fabric for their strollers in beautiful nature colours with sturdy stitches. On the last trade fair in Cologne I noticed the new Mutsy Evo Industrial Olive immediately. A beauty! This stroller comes with a cognac-colored leather handle and is available in black, silver or dark gray chasis.

stokke trailz nordic green babytrendwatcherStokke now comes with an exclusive Trailz Nordic Green Edition. This stroller with its  large pneumatic tires really makes a statement. The lining is made of dark green melee and water repellent fabric. A nice combination with the faux leather handles and stitched details. This stroller is ready for a nice walk in the woods, on the moors and on the waterside!

maxi-cosi nova green babytrendwatcherThe new Maxi-Cost Nova (above) has a handsfree foldingsystem and big shock absorbing wheels. The new fashion colours are black and silver for the frame and Nomad Blue, Sand en this Green for the seat and carrycot.

abc salsa olive babytrendwatcherThe German brand ABC Design surprised me at the fair with new designs and materials that will definitely appeal the Dutch consumer. Like the spicy and manoeuvrable Salsa, available as three- and four-wheeler. The silver frame and black upholstery matches well with the olive green cap.

Joolz fans will be happy to see the Joolz Geo Earth Turtle Green. From Bugaboo we liked this one best in this theme: Bugaboo Cameleon3 in dark khaki and also have a look at the Egg stroller in Forest Green. These colours have been on the market longer but for the whole picture I am glad to mention them.

joolz geo earth turtle babytrendwatcherbugaboo cameleon 3 babytrendwatcheregg stroller forest green babytrendwatcher

For the cold winter months a nice warm blanket and foot muff should not be forgotten. Like the new Lodger bunker in Scandinavian style or nice foot muff and warm blanket with forest details from Elodie Details! This really makes you and your baby calm…

The most beautiful Tipi tents

Tipi van ChildhomeAfter a week France with plenty sunshine, I am now back in The Netherlands. I am glad to be home, but I have to get used to the cold and gray weather again…So let us go back in the house and make it cozy. My kids used to built tents, in their bedroom, the attic, in the living room, I did’nt mind. With a large sheet or old duvet cover and some clothespins they made great tent homes where they often wanted to sleep in. Of course they dragged with cushions and small tables and here and there it was needed to fasten a line.
Tipi tents are a lot easier to use, it’s unfolding the tent poles, place the tent and that’s it. These Tipi tents are totally hip again and brands bring out special models. So, the sloppy tents with old striped and floral patterns make room for hip Tipi tents which also look very stylish in the children’s room or your living room. They come in uni color, with zigzag, diamonds, retro or Scandinavian style. They are very decorative and it’s also possible to make one yourself if you are a bit handy.
These Tipi Tents are not only nice for older children, even little ones can have fun playing here. Dismantling is easy but of course all the cushions and rugs still must be cleared here. But mom is happy to give a helping hand with that.

Images from the top down: Childhome, Kids Depot, mini Tipi of Maileg, Lifetime Camp Canyon, yellow with diamonds pattern Nobodinoz, bottom image: Taftan.

kids depotmini-tipi-maileg



tipi-zwart-wittipi taftan haakwerk


Meyco babyblanket: from old fashion to trendy

meyco deken bboo
Meyco is a brand for blankets established in 1959. Your mother or grandmother will probably know the brand, so many children have slept under a Meyco blanket and still do. The blankets are reliable and safe. They are made of 100% woven cotton in Germany, beautifully finished with the famous feston-stitch, they feel very soft and are suitable for the baby, toddler and childrens bed. Also important: the price is nice. The crib blankets are large so you have enough fabric to tuck your baby in and make up the bed nicely. Meyco is also known for his duodekens which fit in a duvet cover. In the summer you use one of them, when it’s ‘getting colder you attach a second blanket by using Velcro.
Since the take-over by the Dutch brand b-boo this brand for baby blankets really has got an upgrade. The quality already was good, but the looks were old fashioned. Red and orange blankets from the 80 and 90 have been replaced by trendy designs such as clouds, stars, mustaches, zig-zag and dip & dye. New are the designs Flamingo and the beastly funny Animal blankets. All available in beautiful pastels or spicy colors!

meyco deken bboo 2

Maxi-Cosi introduces AxissFix Plus and shows new airbag technology

maxi cosi axissfix plusThe new legislation regarding i-Size requires a new generation of car seats. At the tradeshow in Cologne Maxi-Cosi will introduce the newest flagship AxissFix Plus. AxissFix Plus meets all the requirements of i-Size but can also be turned around 360 degrees. And this offers many advantages. First, you have to struggle less securing or removing your child from the car seat usually standing in an impossible position. Except that this saves your back and neck, there is another important advantage of this 360 degree rotating car seat. According to i-Size it’s mandatory to put children in a backwards position up to 15 months, the safest position if there would be a collision. So up to 15 months you put your child in a backwards position, after that you can rotate the carseat into a forward position.

One car seat from birth to four years

The AxissFix Plus is the successor to the AxissFix but this new type can be used with a baby insert from birth until your child is four years old. This will safe you money, because you only need to purchase one seat! The AxissFix Plus is available at special babyshops for 499 euro’s.

maxi cosi met airbag technologieMaxi-Cosi with airbag technology

And then there is more news to report from Maxi-Cosi, although not ready for production yet. The design department is working on the first car seat with air bags. In case of a collision two little airbags incorporated in the shoulder straps are blown up in a fraction of a second to protect the head and neck of the child. Then the little airbags deflate quickly. Really a revolution in the car seat industry!

BedBox: children’s ride-on suitcase and inflight bed in one

Bedbox jetkids
Flying with your baby or toddler is fun but also difficult! Aircraft seats for us as adults are on the tight side, but your child disappears in a that big chair and doesn’t sit in an ergonomic way. Sleeping is also a problem, searching for the right sleeping position. If you take your child on your lap, you both get hot and you aren’t sitting comfortable. This can be an exhausting experience!
bedbox jetkids 1Together with his wife, a pilot and airplane engineer developed an unique product: BedBox. It is a suitcase for children, to rest and ride on but you can also transform it into an inflight bed for your child!

Bedbox is the solution

Suitcases for children with the possibility to ride on already exist on the market, but the possibility to transform it into a childrens bed is unique. The bed box is designed in a way that it fits under the seat. If your child just want to stretch his legs during the flight you can put the BedBox close to the seat. bedbox jetkids 5With the turned lid and extension you can enlarge the size of the seat. When it’s time to sleep and the light ‘seatbelts on’ are off you make a cot for your child using the extandable. To make a nice cosy bed for your child a mattress is included which can also be used as a changing mat.
BedBox of Jetkids is suitable for children from zero to seven years, the cot can be used until your child is four years old. A great solution for a practical problem where parents and children are dealing with when travelling. It will also be handy for long train or bus journeys!