Author: Carola Siksma-Ruiters

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Klippan blankets for comfort and styling

klippan-schaapgrootA cradle or crib is not complete without a nice blanket and for my first child I searched and searched until I found the right one. Of course made of natural materials and good quality. If you find one then you better buy more of them because they are so easy to use: in bed, in the car, for a nap on the couch and of course traveling. Klippan is a Swedish family company that make blankets since 1879. The blankets are made of natural materials and have the most beautiful prints for adult interiors but also for babyrooms and childrens rooms! Such as these soft chenille cotton blankets made from 100% organic cotton. With large and small owls, sheep or stars in beautiful colors.

Meet the hip and versatile powerhouse Joolz Geo

Joolz geo babytrendwatcherJoolz Geo mono babytrendwatcherThe hip Dutch label Joolz releases a new stroller on the market: the Joolz Geo. With this versatile powerhouse you can upgrade the stroller with a few changes from a mono to a duo or twin version with in total five configuration options. You only need an extension consisting of a low seat or crib. These are easy to install on the chassis.
Joolz is famous for its ‘positive design’ such as the large cradle, hood with air top mesh, high positioned crib and ergonomic seats which can be taken off Joolz Geo duo babytrendwatcherwithout straining your back, the safety bar which can be opened from both sides and the leatherette handlebar that can be adjusted so that even tall people can walk behind the stroller without problems (this is a problem here in the Netherlands). Also a big plus is the fact that you can fold the Joolz without the need of taking off the seats. Add to that the benefit of an XL shopping basket (let’s face it: when you go shopping you always buy more than planned) so no more hassle with small shopping baskets and it seems to me Joolz Geo twin babytrendwatcherthat you have a great stroller that is ready for the future of your family life!

Independent learning drink Babycup

Babycup leren drinken babytrendwatcher

I just got back from a short holiday on Sicily! I enjoyed a few days of sun, rides with our rented Fiat 500, delicious food and sniffing some culture. Unfortunately, I have some bad memories of our flight Amsterdam – Catania. Behind us there was a foreign familiy: mother with two little children, next to the aisle there was her partner with their youngest child of 1,5 years old. We had to get up early and tried to get some sleep, but that was not easy with trampling children in the back of our seats and very loud voices. We were not too hard on them, as you know what it is when you are traveling with small children. Up to one hour before landing … then the youngest child started to scream and didn’t stop until we landed. The poor father tried everything but he failed to calm his son who cried himself completely upset and only wanted to go to his mother. While all passengers were wondering what was going on, the mother pretended not to hear anything, she just kept her eyes closed! When we finally managed to catch her eye, she shouted at us: ‘What is your problem?‘ A very strange occurrence, especially when the father apologized that his son probably suffered from earache. Didn’t the parents know that in this case you should give your child a pacifier or something to drink? By swallowing movements, the pressure on the ears disappears, if that was the case because I am not sure…
So for all the mothers and fathers who travel by plane with their baby and small children, take pacifier or a bottle along with you, but also have a look at thess new and trendy, colored baby cups for small mouths! Your baby will learn to sip rather than suck and you also learn your child to drink independently! It is also good for development of the jaw and much better for their teeth!

Magic Mitten baby calming aid

magic mitten baby trendwatcherFortunately, my kids didn’t have many crying hours, but there are always times when your baby seems to be inconsolable. At such moments, as a mother you will drop everything out of your hands and rapidly tick off what the problem is: diaper change needed? hungry? is your child in pain? Does he just wants to be cuddled?
An English father tried everything with his inconsolable daughter: pacifier, rocking, singing, driving in de car, but nothing helped. He invented the Magic Mitten and it seems to work. It is a kind of hand pad with different sound options that are only audible to the baby. One of the sounds is the mother’s magical heart beat. Of course you have to find out which sound gives the best results for your sad baby, I do wonder however, how you could check that by listening?

Good grip on your baby while showering with Shower Glove

baby shower glove babytrendwatcherShowering with your baby is a lot of fun, but with such a slippery body always bit scary. When you take a shower with your baby it is always useful to do some preparatory work: turn on shower, wait until the water is warm and ask if your partner wants to hand over the baby to you. It’s better not to soap your baby in advance because your child gets very slippery. With this invention of the Dutch company Invented4Kids showering becomes much more easier and safer: the baby shower glove. Before you put the baby on your arm, you first put on this long glove in the shape of funny dolphin, penguin or seal. This glove is made from organic terry and the glove becomes easier to grip when it is wet. With the baby shower glove showering feels a lot more confident!