Author: Carola Siksma-Ruiters

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Inventive Gummee Glove

gummy glove babytrendwatcherSmall children often have difficulty with holding toys but do want to bring something to their mouths to suck on. If this fails, they can get pretty frustrated or chew on their own hands making the skin sore. It could also be that your baby is already getting teeth, sometimes in such an early stage that you don’t even notice it. The baby of the creator of the Gummee Glove even got a back tooth instead of a front teeth! When her son started to suck on his sock very happily, they penny dropped. She invented the Gummee Glove! Ideal for little babies with large bite needs, but not yet able to bring toys or teething rings to their mouth. Also ideal for mom because she doesn’t have to pick up toys that are thrown away by their baby. The Gummee Glove is fastened with Velcro to baby’s wrist and the cheerful bite toys attached to the Gummee Glove will do the rest. There is also a removable teething ring which you can cool down in the fridge. A well invented product, now waiting for the launch in the Netherlands!

Silver caps helps with breastfeeding

zilverkapje silvercap babytrendwatcherInstead of a romantic picture while breastfeeding your child, you are getting problems like sore nipples … ahhhh, horror! Despite all the information and guidance (because knowing how to breastfeed with your baby the right position can prevent much suffering!) it is still possible that you are feeding in a tense way because of cracked nipples. In that case only ointments are prescribed in The Netherlands. But in Italy, Switzerland and England mothers often use silver caps. These silver shields with pure silver are put on the nipples in your bra between feedings. So they are not comparable to the flexible nipple shields that are used during the feeding! Maybe it sounds a little strange if you’ve never heard of it, but silver is traditionally known for its antibacterial and healing properties. Silver is still used today in watertanks of aircrafts zilverkapje silvercap babytrendwatcher.jpgagainst pollution and some refrigerators are equipped with a silver-containing coating to reduce mold. Also on the skin silver works antibacterial. Adelheid Hiemstra comes from Italy and decided to import these silver caps from Italy to The Netherlands to introduce these to Dutch mothers. Only mothers who are allergic to silver (which is a very small part of the population) can better leave these caps for what they are. The metal of the silver caps have a cooling effect, air is created for the healing of the nipple and there are mothers who find that they are leaking less. You can wear the caps between the feedings, but also at night. Cleaning is simple under the tap and if the baby time has passed, you can save them for the next baby or melt the silver to a beautiful jewelry as a souvenir!

Babyzen stroller colors the streets

babyzen 3-zen-chrome babytrendwatcherCheerful yellow and silver are the trendy colors of the limited editions of stroller brand Babyzen. But the potential of this stroller are unlimited. The spacious carrycot Yoga can be used as a travel cot and as a bouncer. The stroller is very small foldable and fits in almost every trunk of the car. The stroller maneuvers easily and runs well on all surfaces. babyzen 3-zen-yellow babytrendwatcher

For the 2015 collection five new colors will be introduced: black, gray, red, pink and blue. Nice to know: there will also be an introduction of Babyzen care bags! I will definitely admire them at the Kind + Jugend trade fair in September.

Minimonkey baby carrier substantially different

minimonkey baby carrier babytrendwatcherThere are plenty baby carriers but in this Mini Monkey carrier you wear your baby really in a substantially different way. To experience the difference you have to try this baby carrier yourself. Founder Margot Visser has done years of research on this subject. A Mini Monkey baby carrier may look like other carriers, but next to the hip belt there is also a back belt and you don’t wear the weight on the shoulders. In this way you wear the weight of your baby down, around your center of gravity. As a result, the carrier wears light and feels very comfortable. It gives you the feeling that you’re pregnant! Immediately as you have put the baby in the carrier your baby sits safely without having fastened any straps yet. You don’t have to close straps between the blades and there are no other actions needed. The baby sits in an ergonomical way in a seat with the weight located at your lower abdomen. On the front there is a protective flap where you can fold your hands around the baby. Available in black and gray with bright accent colors for the lining.

Oops: cheerful and educational baby and toddler toys

oops toys forest babytrendwatcherThis beautiful illustration represents one of the themes of a new toy line: Oops! Oops is colorful, creative and educational toy collection specifically designed for babies and toddlers. Eight cheerful characters, including Mr. Wu the Owl and Cookie the turtle, taking children along in fantasy worlds where they live extraordinary adventures: City and Forest. The entire collection consists of wooden and fabric toys that do what toys are intended for: to stimulate playing and learning.