Author: Carola Siksma-Ruiters

Welkom! Als babyproducten- deskundige en babytrendwatcher blog ik graag over babynieuws, de nieuwste en de hipste babyproducten en gadgets! Mijn blogs zijn onafhankelijk geschreven, gesponsorde artikelen zijn te herkennen aan 'sponsored story'.

Good grip on your baby while showering with Shower Glove

baby shower glove babytrendwatcherShowering with your baby is a lot of fun, but with such a slippery body always bit scary. When you take a shower with your baby it is always useful to do some preparatory work: turn on shower, wait until the water is warm and ask if your partner wants to hand over the baby to you. It’s better not to soap your baby in advance because your child gets very slippery. With this invention of the Dutch company Invented4Kids showering becomes much more easier and safer: the baby shower glove. Before you put the baby on your arm, you first put on this long glove in the shape of funny dolphin, penguin or seal. This glove is made from organic terry and the glove becomes easier to grip when it is wet. With the baby shower glove showering feels a lot more confident!

New baby clothes label Fresk: sweet, fresh and a little cocky

babykleding Fresk babytrendwatcherNew baby clothes label Fresk: sweet, fresh and a little cocky
A new baby clothing label has arrived Fresk! This new baby line has a striking appearance  by the special prints in retro and Scandinavian style. The word Fresk means in Norwegian: a fresh breeze, a new beginning and a reference to the Scandinavian roots of creators Katja and Mark van Aardenne. They chose soft, organic cotton for a great fit and comfort for babies. All products are made with care and attention, are GOTS certified, designed in the Netherlands, sustainably produced in Europe with respect for the environment and people. The Fresk line includes blankets, rompers, bibs, pajamas, sleeping bags, pacifier wipes and swaddles in four different prints. Each item is fun to give and receive as a baby shower gift, and easily fits in an envelope if you cannot bring a visit to see the baby personally!

Inflatable Volvo children car seat

volvo-autostoeltje-opblaasbaar-babytrendwatcherInflatable Volvo children car seat
One press of the button and 40 seconds later you have an inflatable rear facing car seat for children up to 1 meter (3 and 4 years old). The inflatable Child Seat Concept inflates itself with an integrated air pump. How the power exactly works is kept a secret. According to Volvo, this car seat is just as safe as regular car seats, but with the great advantage that it can be folded to a little package for travelling. Lawrence Abele, Design Manager at Volvo was annoyed by the hassle with his two toddlers in car seats at airports and rental cars. He was inspired by the Volvo Ocean Race where they use sustainable and high quality materials for sailing equipment . The biggest challenge however was to create a beautiful design with soft lines and comfortable seating with the thick material. The seat weighs less than 5 kilograms and also has a Bluetooth connection to inflate the seat by smartphone. I will keep an eye on these exciting developments, though there are no production plans yet, first the seat will be further developed.

Bugaboo stroller & Andy Warhol Banana collection

bugaboo banana andy warhol babytrendwatcherBugaboo stroller & Andy Warhol Banana collection
Attention all Bugaboo fans: in May the new Bugaboo stroller will be introduced with a design by Andy Warhol : the Banana! What did Warhol had in mind with this design? Is it a joke? Is it art? Like no other Andy Warhol challenges his audience to look with other eyes at art and also at his designs. For this design Andy Warhol was inspired by an album cover previously made by him for the rock band The Velvet Underground & Nico in the 60s. I agree, this is not a dramatic change in stroller design, but you do make a statement on the street with this limited edition, cheerful black bananaprint on a bright yellow fabric!