BabyFromParis 36Prince William and Kate Middleton just had their second child, a daughter, and she was born this weekend. Mother will first need a little break but will be impressed by a new hip brand from the Netherlands: Baby From Paris, when she wants to buy new baby clothes! No, not from London, because statements in fashion still come from Paris. That’s also the opinion of the founder of this fashion label. Since her childhood Aneta Chocholak wanted to create beautiful fashion and she was inspired by everything that was designed in Paris. Nevertheless she chose quite rationally, for a financial study and forgot her dreams. The birth of her daughter in 2013 brought all the creative energy back. Together with husband Kamil they founded the label BabyFromParis. It’s not just another fashion brand for baby’s and children, but a special one. This label shows surprising design, attention to detail and small production series, so you always have something unique. For BabyFromParis responds to a trend not to buy mass clothes of big retailers with the chance that you see other children in the same clothing that your son or daughter wears…
Also unique: parent and child combination sets so that for example mother and daughter can wear the same design; nice for unique occasions such as birthdays, weddings and other celebrations! BabyFromParis is a new brand with unique clothes, but promises to deliver in two days in The Netherlands at affordable prices. Nice to know: there are also cute baby accessories available such as pacifier cords, blankets and pillows.

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