babyfoon alecto projectorRecently, the district police asked our attention for the fact that there was burgled nearby our house. The resident of the house was absent but thanks to the fact that there was a baby monitor in the house, which was overheard by neighbors, a burglary was prevented! The police noted: ‘such a device appears to be a good replacement for an alarmsystem!’
So it’s nice to hear that a baby monitor also can be used to prevent burglary. Now there is a new baby monitor on the market that offers more extra’s: the DBX 111 of Alecto. Not only does this baby monitor looks very good with its sleek design, with the extra features your baby is in dreamland soon. Such as soothing lullabies and a technique to project a starry sky on the ceiling. Nice to know: you can also use this projection to prevent your child to develop positional preference to project alternately right and left on the ceiling. DBX 111 has a digital connection with Eco-Mode (for setting the energy level), a clear LCD display, a range of 300 meters, a talking function and temperature display with alarm when it is too cold or too hot in the nursery.

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