babytrendwatcher babylonia peppaA cuddle toy is actually not a toy someone told me once. For no toy has so much sentimental value as a cuddle toy. Once your child is hooked on this soft toy, then he will cherish this for a long time. A cuddle toy absorbs odors and gives your child comfort, confidence and a safe feeling. But your child can become so attached to it that it’s a disaster if you lose it. I speak from experience, but fortunately we found the cuddle toy of my oldest son back in a shop in a holiday village in France. He, his soft toy and pacifier were inseparable. My youngest had not one but more favorite soft toys, that we once forgot when going on holiday. Fortunately, he was a little older and we promised him that he could pick up a new one when we arrived. So a newcomer was added to his collection: a sweet soft turtle.
For my children I made the soft toys themselves, from stretch terry and a head filled with sheep wool. Not a big effort if you are a little handy.
With the Belgian company Babylonia the making of this kind of cuddles has exploded. It started with the cuddle toy Tino, but now the dolls family has been expanded. Nowadays 80.000 Peppa dolls are sold worldwide. The production is done by hand in India, all according to the Fair Trade guidelines, with heads of sheep wool that absorb odors so well. They have now 60 doll makers employed. Placing the eyes is a precise job, if they are sewn too close together they become monsters! Therefore Babylonia rather chooses to let them been made in small workshops. Meet the new children in the family: Cuddly Friends of organic cotton!

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