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Baby Innovation Award: these are the trends!

baby innovation award genomineerd 2017The election of the Baby Innovation Award in The Netherlands has always been a good reflection of what is being developed in the babymarket. Also this year! In the morning of the juryday there was time for demo’s of technical products such as strollers and car seats. Then the real thing started, which products are so distinctive, innovative, safe and practical that they deserve a nomination?


Also this year there were some products with eye for sustainability such as the Lemodi children’s furniture of which elements can be reused to make other furniture. The jury was pleased to see the initiative of Babyverh!p, the thought of giving a gift in the form of babyclothes that can be given to another in the same box was highly appreciated. Pure Beauty Brands stands for soothing and cooling products for mum’s. These are made of natural ingredients for ailments where you normally don’t want to talk about during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period with soothing names as Cool it Mama, Down Below and Pure Bliss…


In terms of safety there were some outstanding products such Evoluna i-Size of Kiddy, the only carseat with a reclining position that you can use in the car and beyond. Riding a bike with your child on the backseat will be much safer with Thule Next Yepp Maxi bicycle seat. Fastening is easy and the belt has a unique magnetic closure that cannot be opened by children. Children grow fast, in a blink they go up and down the stairs. Mippaa Stair Trainer are smart bannisters for children.


There were also a lot of technical highlights such as breast pump Chicture of Horigen. It works with vacuum but also with soft compression. The Hesdo bluetooth babyscale works with an app and you can measure both weight and height of your child. How much fun is it to watch the growth of your baby at home? Baby Watcher is the first 2D ultrasound scanner that you can rent at home using laptop and TV with partner or family to watch your baby in your belly.


There were also a number of practical products for mums and mums to be. If you are pregnant, it’s sometimes difficult to sleep with that big belly. Babymoov’s Dream Belt is an ergonomic padded band that provides the correct support points and ensures a better sleeping position. Also useful is the multifunctional pregnancy pillow of doomoo. The shape fits with the growing belly and you can also use this pillow also between the knees or as a little helper when breastfeeding. And there is Tuck Inn bedding of Withlof For Kids, very nice finished and with the elastic at the foot ends it’s easy to make the bed safely.

Handy for on the go

baby innovation award genomineerd logoUnder the header ‘handy for on the go’ we find EasyWalker Harvey. To use as a single stroller but if there comes a second child you simply transform it with a rear axle into a stroller for two. Nominated was also babycarrier Kiss & Carry of Snoozebaby; a sling and carrier all in one! Also handy is the smart travel cot Aeromoov, folding out and in takes just a few seconds. If you fly regularly with a little one you know how difficult this can be. With Bed Box of Jetkids this is a lot easier, it’s a children’s suitcase and a small childrens bed for the plane all in one.

Learning to eat and drink

And what to think about these practical products: the ergonomically shaped cup Oxo Tot Transition. With interchangeable parts you transform a sippy cup into a cup for ‘grown ups’. Benjamins slide cutlery helps little ones with learning how to eat following the movements little ones make.


Finally, there were special products for ‘fun’, think of Funflex toys with a handy clip to attach on stroller, car seat or crib. Skip Hop Explore & More is developed to learn baby to move with his whole body. Your baby learns to sit, run, play, make steps and discover! For fun and decoration in the nursery: look at this: Boomvriendjes! Instead of the regular wall stickers this is really a new way of wall decoration. The tree and the different leaves and animal figures really make a great 3D effect.

Want to know more? Please view all nominations

Trends and winners Baby Innovation Award at the Nine Months Fair 2016

winners baby innovation award
The Negenmaandenbeurs is over and we look back on a very successful event! On the first day the winners of the Baby Innovation Award were announced with lots of noise. All nominees were present for the announcement and that was a tense moment. It was so exciting that some winners erupted in cheers such as the five fathers of Hang Loose!

In Category Mobility the carseat Cloud Q of Cybex was the winner. This car seat has an almost flat lying position, can be used as a travel cot outside the car, is equipped with side impact protection, has a nice big UV protective sun canopy and the seat can be adapted to 11 levels to grow with the child.
In Category Travel & Safety the gb Pockit buggy won. It is the most compact buggy in the world, fits folded into a bag and weighs only 4.3 kilograms. The mothers of fabulous mama&family also rewarded this buggy with the Consumer Award.
In Category Care won Squid Soap hand soap Sparks Ltd. The soap dispenser leaves an ink dot on the back of the child’s hand. So children learn in a playful way to wash their hands properly until the dot disappears.
In Category Feeding Baby Bottle Munchkin Latch came out as the winner. This bottle has an anti colic valve and an ultra soft teat that moves in all directions. Milk only flows once the baby puts pressure on it.
In Furniture and Decoration the Hangloose playpen and hammock became the proud winner. It is a hammock with a folding soft cloth on top. Your little baby lies on it in a comfortable and ergonomic way.
doomoo spooky of Delta Diffusion is the big winner of Toys & Gifts. This soft and cuddly nightlight gives a soft light for 10 minutes and gives light again when your baby starts to cry.
For the new category Green we collaborate with BabyBeGood in which The Bioserie toys is the final winner. This toy is made from plants and is completely safe for children to feel, taste and explore.

negenmaandenbeurs uitreikingAll nominated and winning products were showing off on the new Baby Innovation Plein. There was a lot of interest for all products and we could sell them on the spot, so much demand was there. If brands were there we could refer consumers to booths at the fair. Learn more about the election and the winners? You’ll find it on the site of the baby innovation award.
There is also a nice film of the fabulous mama jury day:

winnaars baby innovation awardsBefore the announcement of these awards, I gave my views on the latest baby trends. I talked about mobility, fashion, sport, rear-facing car seats, dad gadgets, new techniques in baby textiles, new ways of babyfeeding, the latest trends to decorate the baby nursery and of course the latest trends in sustainability and baby products.
Key words came back in a huge word cloud on the Trend Wall on the Baby Innovation Plein. A part of my presentation can be found in our new BabyStuf Trend Magazine which was distributed in the special shopper of the fair.
Taking part on the Negenmaandenbeurs takes a lot of preparation and effort but you gain so much with it. Where do you speak and see so many consumers in your target group in a few days? Besides it’s a good way to promote our election and consumersite We have collected a lot of new addresses, gained ideas and these are golden days for networking!

trendwall negenmaandenbeurs
babystuf standnegenmaandenbeursbaby innovatieplein skelter

fabulous mama&family juryday

fabulous mama baby innovation awardA nice part of the Baby Innovation Award election is the Mama jury day where mothers from all over the country can see, feel and try out all nominated products. Yesterday was D-day. After a morning of heavy lifting and checking the items, the first mothers trickled in. They were selected by fabulous mama & family for this live experience! In the group were pregnant mothers, mothers who left their child at home and mothers who had taken their baby or toddler with them. The youngest baby was only three weeks old! Of course there was time for fun and there was laughter, but it always amazes me how seriously mothers are with their jury duties. And they ask critical questions such as: here a splinter came off, is that right? Isn’t this article on the market already? How does this carseat works? What’s innovative about it? Etc.
In between snacks and drinks were consumed, babies were breastfeaded and photographs and a film were made. All mothers received a stuffed goodie bag trom Rianne Portegies of fabulous mama to take home with them included a ticket for the Nine Months Fair in February. Then it was time for us to pack everything and drive home. Tired but very satisfied!

New toys for racing or sleeping

Looking for a new toy for your baby or toddler? Take a look at the nominations for the category Toys & Gifts of the Baby Innovation Award!

I still remember how proud my sons were when their grandfather gave them a real go-kart, not one made of plastic, but from real metal, in bright blue, with pneumatic tires, adjustable seat and a firm steering. A trailer was inclusive. They had so much fun with it riding on the wide sidewalks in our neighborhood with their friends. Until they were too big for this friend and he was left alone in the garage. Fortunately we could make another family happy with it. Berg Toys now comes with a tough go-kart for the little ones named Buzzy go-kart, especially for children from 2 to 5 years. Children can learn to step on this solid go-kart and back pedaling. Seems like a great gift for boys and girls to me!

berg buzzy

Also good for the development of the movement of children is the new walker Bontoy Friendimal in the shape of a kind whale. Unique is the way you can use it; for toddlers from 18 months in the low position, but later on with a higher set. Nice design and can be used until your child is 8 years old!

bontoys friendimal

Is your little one still comfortable in the cradle or crib than doomoo Spooky is recommended. This soft cuddly toy is also a night light which radiates a nice soft light. The light turns off automatically after 10 minutes. If your baby starts to cry, Spooky starts to shine again. I like this specially because you can use the cuddly toy or nightlight separately.

doomoo spookydoomoo spooky

New moderndesigns in baby furniture

It was nice to see in Cologne the new design by Peter Opsvik. He is the designer of the famous Tripp Trapp highchair. Years ago I had the honor to meet him in Norway in his wonderful studio full with special chairs that makes you move. Because according to Opsvik, people are not designed to sit still for hours. When he himself became a grandfather he was inspired by new production methods and materials. So he came up with a completely new design: Nomi (with a nod to the word ergonomics). This chair really grows along with the child. With the Baby Relax you create a bouncer at table height. Nomi provides secure support for growing children and freedom of movement when climbing in and out of the chair. You can adjust the seat and foot rest by millimeter to teen age. Beautiful Scandinavian design!

nomi kinderstoelWe already mentioned the Stokke Home furniture concept in our blog earlier. Beautiful designed and so convenient that all these modules can be combined as desired and can be used for a longtime. It’s also ideal if you don’t have large bedrooms. For removable bassinet there is a standard, but you can place the bassinet on the bedstead. From the bedstead you can make a small ‘house’, the changing table fits on the crib standard but also on the bed and dresser. When your child grows just turn the changing table and place it on the cradle stand and voilĂ : a small desk!

stokke homeA hammock that seems to float in the penplay but can also be used independently, that’s the Hangloose. You can use Hangloose as a playmat or hammock in the playpen. The garment has two layers. The upper layer is quilted in origami manner so that, by folding a few corners, you are able to create a comfortable sleeping position for your baby. The underlayer is made of canvas and can be attached easily with loops to the box. Relax baby!

hanglooseThese are the nominations of the categorie Furniture & Decorations of the Baby Innovation Award!