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Revolutions in baby- and children food

munchkin latchAnother new type of bottle? Yes, and what kind of one! This Munchkin Latch has a unique teat that our jury had never seen. It stretches and moves flexibly in all directions. Milk only flows when the baby puts pressure and sucks just as at mum’s breast. The anti-colic valve in the base reduces risk of colic. Never before we came so close to breastfeeding.

squizFrom the moment a baby switches to solid foods these Squiz reusable squeeze pouches are very practical. Whether you fill hem with fruit or fruit snacks, yogurt or smoothies, you can easily fill them with the double zipper on the bottom and clean them in soapy water, time after time. They can even be cooled in a refrigerator or freezer and reheated. So handy for on the go or at the babysitter!

Get rid of all those drinkpacks with to much sugar that are so bad for the teeth and health of our children. A good alternative is Drink in the Box from Wereldmama. How it works? You fill Drink in the Box with fresh fruit and water or other healthy juice, click it to close and your child has a healthy drinkpack with a flashy looks. It’s transparent so you can exactly see what in it. The packet can always be reused so helpful for a better environment.
drink in the boxThese are the nominations in the category Feeding in the Baby Innovation Award elections!

Innovations in baby- and childrencare

And what are the top innovations in the category Care of the Baby Innovation Award election?

I’m not such a mom who vacuum cleans the whole day. Such a waste of my time. In my opinion children are allowed to build up a bit of resistance, so their hands don’t need to be constantly disinfected as TV commercials let you believe. But from time to time, those dirty little hands need a good wash. This Squid Soap teaches children to wash their hands in a playful way. By pushing down the pump a little dot of ink is stamped on their hands. You can instruct your children to wash their until the dot disappears. That’s good for the hygiene and the mood! It would be even better if soap and bottle were made of eco-friendly materials.
squidsoapIn general pacifiers can be helpful if your baby has a great need to suck or need to be comforted, but at some points they become little dirty things … Because pacifiers often consist of several parts there is a high risk of bacterial growth in the seams. That’s not what you want for your baby! Philips Avent comes with Soothie pacifier made from one piece of flexible silicone. Seamless and you can put it into the dishwasher! With an orthodontic shaped teat with regard to the development of the teeth and a funny bear snoat shape.
soothie philips aventAnd what about this nomination: Silverette nipple covers! Cracked nipples, nipple infections, sore nipples, thrush …. nasty conditions that can spoil your period of breastfeeding. Of course you can muddle with gels, creams and compresses, but in this way the whole will just go sweltering. Each wound that is composed to air is a good thing. These nipple covers give air to the sore nipple so they can heal better. In addition, traditional silver has an anti-bacterial and antiviral activity. An old proven method with a new look!

Smart solutions for short baby rides

If I look at the nominations for the Baby Innovation Award for the category Travel and Safety, I observe an important trend: they all are smart solutions for transporting your baby. Here they come:

Small, smaller smallest! We had already met the YoYo of Recaro which can be folded up into a small package and can be unfold with one movement, but this Goodbaby Pockit buggy goes one step further. In folded position this buggy only measures 18 x 35 cm, it easily fits into the overhead compartment of the plane, but also in your car, under the seat of a bus or train or at your home in the hallway. So citylife proof! This buggy can be used from the moment your baby is six months old, the buggy weighs 4.3 kilos.
goodbaby pockitgoodbaby pockit

At Kind und Jugend we got a live demo, but please have a close look at this impressive video.

Now we know more about carrying babies in a right way Dutch brand Minimonkey introduces the Sling Unlimited. In this sling babies can be carried in the upright in the ergonomic M-position. In order to prevent children from slipping, there is a special band that runs between the legs. It is even possible to give more space to the baby in the relax mode, for example for breastfeeding!
sling unlimited

And then we have another innovative product from The Netherlands: the Coco Belt! Founder Manon Corts (pictured here) had bruised arms after wearing a car seat with her baby son for miles on the airport. She invented a safety strap for carrying a car seat, had it tested thoroughly, but also found that this product should look stylish and that’s worked out very well. Chapeau for the stylish look! Coco Belt is suitable for all types of baby car seats, also see the video.
Cocobelt baby innovation award

Latest methods to transport your baby!

Last week you could read about the nominees for the Baby Innovation Award 2016. After this first juryround another two rounds will follow, soon you can vote online for these innovations and mid-January a juryday of mums will vote live for their favorites. So we have to wait a little while for knowing the winners. But how nice is it to know more about these top innovations? I will tell you more about these in parts, so each category, and I start with Mobility!

A few years ago Greentom launched its first green stroller. Tricycle Greentom UPP 360 is the successor. Real Dutch Design and the first global steps have been made. I am impressed by the charming plans of Greentom. Companies often talk about sustainability, but the execution takes a lot of time. Greentom is really making progress. Many strollers consist of up to 400 parts. Greentom UPP of only 28. That means less production, fewer assembling and you can also do the assembling in the country of production, so less transport and logistics costs, says founder and designer Bart Bost. In addition, all parts are made of bioplastic and recycled polypropylene. Maybe some consumers have to get used to the new look, but I’m a fan and as a consumer you definitely make a statement along the street!
Greentom upp

Another stroller who stole the show during the jury day is the Egg of BabyStyle. Not only its beautiful design with protective form was appreciated by the jury. The compactness of it is remarkable. As first time mum you buy this stroller, but with a second child on the way, you don’t have to buy another duo stroller. With a smart adapter you transform it very easily to a tandem stroller without changing its stylish look and suitable for different combinations of travel cots, car seats and toddler seats.
egg strolleregg stroller tandem

Do you know the problem of taking your baby carseat in and out of the car? And to o carry it from A to B until your arms are bruised? Think about the airport where you have to walk kilometers with a car seat on your arm. Simple Parenting came up with a solution and developed the Doona +; a car seat and stroller in one! Useful for short trips, and no more lugging.


The car seat industry is constantly changing. Not only because of the changes of i-Size for safer transport, but also in terms of ergonomics and comfort. The Modular of BeSafe scored points because it provides a solution for a baby car seat and group 1 seat for rearface transport using the same base. This fact is not new, but variably setting of the legspace is. Of course you can promote parents to transport their children rearfacing as long as possible, there should also be a solution to the ever-lengthening bones of our children! In Scandinavia the brand BeSafe can do this like no other, in Scandinavia children are transported this way for more than 25 years.

besafe modularbesafe modular2

Carseat Cloud Q Plus of Cybex is for use in your car. But outside you can use it as a small carry-cot, so with your baby in an almost flat position. Another special feature is that it grows with the child, there are 11 levels to be set and harness length and seating angle will be automatically adapted!

cybex cloud qcybex cloud q liggend

Nominees Baby Innovation Award 2016

genomineerden baby innovation award
Alle genomineerden Baby Innovation Award 2016

The jury has spoken! After a great jury day with an expert jury I can present you the nominations for the Baby Innovation Award 2016. That means we have to speed up in the newsroom here with writing texts, checking images, updating our websites, checking the press release and green light for our social media. And it doesn’t help us if you discover that our internet provider KPN suddenly decides that you can’t send out mails … much precious time is lost and they offered no solution … what a nuisance!
I rather talk about all the wonderful entries with many toppers. Such as the Cloud Q Plus Cybex car seat that can be turned into a travelcot and with adjustable headrest, harness and sitting area. Or tricycle GreenTom Up 360 with a frame of bioplastics and recycled materials. And what about the city life proof buggy Goodbaby Pockit; the most compact buggy in the world. In folded state it fits easily into the overhead compartment of planes, but also in your car and even in your bag.

Car seat BeSafe Modular is a 3-in-1 concept car seat for group 0 and 1 rearfacing; the safest way to transport your child. With unique adjustable space for the legs. Pram Egg of Baby Style stole not only the hearts of the jury by its great looks, also the compact form and unique adapter for transporting two children is special.
Do you go out with your child a lot? The solutions for transportation are getting smarter, such as Doona; a carseat and stroller in one. Coco Belt has a solution for a known problem; it allows you to carry a carseat easy on the shoulder. In Sling Unlimited of Mini Monkey a baby can be worn from birth in the ergonomic M-posture. The special fuse prevents slipping.
And how do you teach children to wash their hands properly? This is easy with the soap dispenser of Squid. This gives an ink dot on the child’s hand and that means washing hands until the spot is gone!
The Soothie Philips Avent pacifier is made of one piece silicon, so hygienic to use and also in the funny shape of a bear.
For nursing mothers Silverette silver nipple covers are a godsend. Silver is known for its antibacterial and antiviral effect and helps with fissures and infections.

In nutrition there is plenty of nice things to report such as the Munchkin Latch baby bottle with a nipple that can stretch and move in all directions. Imitating the mother’s breast is impossible, but we are getting closer.
Squiz squeeze pouches can be filled with fruit, fruit snacks, yogurt and smoothies, and can  always be reused and save the environment. The Drinking in the box of Wereldmama contributes its bit: no more disposable packs but you can fill this hip box yourself with water and fresh fruit. This is something each kid wants to bring to daycare or school!

Peter Opsvik, known for the Tripp Trapp highchair, designed the Nomi chair. With this lightweight highchair you can adjust the seat and footrest by millimeter.
Certainly worth a nomination is the Stokke Home furniture concept; a modular system that grows with your child and also looks beautiful.
Hang Loose is a practical playmat that you can use as hammock in the playpen, the top layer can be transformed with some origami folding into a comfortable spot for the baby.

And then the toys! Such as the tough go-kart racing Buzzy of Berg for the smallest children. The beautifully designed walker Bontoy Friendimal can be used long because of the two to set heights. Dear Doomoo Spooky is a cuddly toy but also a night light which you would give to every child.

Green award baby innovation award
Genomineerden Green Award

New this year is the Green Award; a reward for all those brands that are committed to sustainability and a better quality of life. Nominated are: pram GreenTom Up 360, Drink in the box, Merens baby mattress made of 100% natural materials and the Bioplastic toys of The Bioproducts Company.

Lots of beautiful and practical products, some of which also further very ‘green’! Want to learn more about the nominations and the jury day? View the jury report and the details of the products on this site