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Ceremony Baby Innovation Award winners 2015

winnaars babystuf baby innovation award 2015Finally it was time! The winners of the Baby Innovation Award are presented and the ceremony of the awards took place on the first day of the biggest consumerfair in The Netherlands: de Negenmaandenbeurs. We had to wait for the official opening but at half past ten it was time. The election in brief: in November a jury nominated in each category about three products. Afterwards consumers could vote online and by doing so they could win one of the nominated products. We have received 17.000 votes online. Mid January, the Mama Jury day took place in cooperation with consumer magazine fabulous mama. All these scores determine one-third of who ultimately will be the winner. After a short speech by me, the winners received their desired award and certificate! I herewith present you the winners and tell you what’s so special about the product:

The Tricot Slen Cool of Babylonia is made of fibers from recycled PET bottles. This makes the product moisture-regulating, breathable and cool when worn. But there is more: the sling is lightweight, wears comfortably and offers great support. ‘Innovative and sustainable’ said the jury.
Duukies Beach Socks protect little feet from hot sand, sharp stones and shells, smooth surfaces and the sun. They are made of soft nylon and neoprene, comfortable, quick drying and easy to put on. ‘All over a very functional and practical product,’ the jury said. Available in various trendy and cheerful designs.
Bathing is one of the finest things to do with your baby. With the Baby Shower Glove it is not only fun, but is also safer. These soft, organic toweling glove covers the forearm, sticks to the skin when it is wet, and provides grip when holding the child. The jury found it ‘really a practical product that solves a familiar problem.’
Baby Shower Glove also received the special Consumer Award by consumer magazine fabulous mama.
The Napper Nursery Wallet of KipKep is the ideal tool for nursing mothers. In this handy pouch compresses for breastfeeding can be stored in a dry and hygienic way. ‘Convenient for travel and sustainable because it saves plastic bags in your purse,’ the jury said.
In the Stokke Steps Bouncer babies get the feeling that they are in the arms of mom. It features the unique, rocking movement and soft, quilted lining. The product fits perfectly on the Stokke Chair Steps. Jury: ‘It is a very complete concept and therefore a long-lasting, sustainable solution.’
The Ball Play Activity Gym of Playgro is a play mat and ball park in one. The soft walls and detachable toy bows can be adapted to the developmental stages of the child. A play mat for learning, discovery and development, which guarantees a lot of fun. The jury was impressed by the multi functionality, also older children can play with it when the arches are removed.

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Mom’s jury day of BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award was fabulous!

babytrendwatcher mama jurydag baby innovation awardOne of the fun parts of the BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award election is the Mom’s jury day, which we, for the first time, organised together with the consumer titles fabulous mama and site Mama en Zo. Mothers can, as no other, judge whether a product is useful, convenient, userfriendly and especially if it’s useful for their motherhood!
After having displayed all nominated products everything was ready for the live tests.  At 14:00 hours they trickled in from far and wide; pregnant mothers, mothers with a baby at home, but also a few mothers who had brought their baby. That seemed to be very handy because slings could be tested right away.
How seriously were the mothers this afternoon? Very seriously! Strollers were folded and unfolded and the baby monitor was tried out. The dental gel for painful teething was tasted and skin friendly creams were used. How do you fix this bouncer on that chair? Is the playmat safe enough? The breastfeeding top had to be tried out. Meanwhile, we jumped as information team from left to right to answer as many questions as possible.
There were words of praise and sometimes points of criticism. At the end of the afternoon we collected all voting forms and the mom’s went home with a well-filled goody bag and tickets for the Negenmaandenbeurs consumer fair. Thanks fabulous mama and Mama en Zo it was a very successful and well organized day.
What’s next with this election? We are counting right now, all scores must be processed and then have to wait for the outcome of the online voters. So we still have to keep everybody in suspense. When you pay a visit to the Negenmaandenbeurs in February you will see who has won in each category!

Nominees BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award announced!

BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award genomineerd! - kopie klein

Yes, it’s time! The nominees of the BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award are announced! The jury day began with getting up early to drive all articles in several cars to NH Hotel Naarden. There they were unloaded in a spacious room, unpacked, displayed and provided with descriptions. Not much later, the members of the jury trickled in, some came by train, some by car, others even by bike. After instruction, coffee, tea and yummie things to eat, the program started with several demos of technical products such as strollers, car seats and baby monitors. In the afternoon the great work began, which product earned a nomination? Therefore any product was subjected to a thorough inspection of the jury. At the end of the day the jury was unanimous in its decision. As organisator we fully support their choices and could return home satisfied with fully loaded cars again.

In the category Mobility is nominated: Tricycle Urban Glide Thule, stroller Easy Walker Mosey and sling Tricot Slen Cool of Babylonia.
In the category Travel & Safety: Duukies Beach Socks, Jippie’s Wall Saver, DVM 400 Hybrid HD image Baby Monitor of Alecto and XQC covers to pimp your stroller of Maguari.
In the category Care: Citroganix toothpaste with Gum-eez bites figure Nûby, Baby Shower Glove of Invented4Kids, Easyfit Binky washable nappy from Tots Bots and baby skin care products from Dr. Leenarts.
In the category Feeding: Mammae Moments Breastfeeding top and Napper Nursery Wallet of Kip Kep.
2015 NOM HR kopie - webIn the category of Furniture & Decoration are nominated: rockaRoo baby swing of 4Moms, Stokke Steps bouncer and high chair and Ilya mobile changing table system of Bopita.
In Toys & Gifts won Milestone Mini Cards, Ball Play Activity Gym Nest of Playgro, Butterfly Who am I of Lamaze and the Safe and Fun Playmat of Oops.
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Dit zijn de winnaars van de BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award 2014!

DrukwerkEindelijk is het zover! Na het tellen van alle stemmen zijn de winnaars van de Baby Innovation Award 2014 bekend. Het was in sommige categorieën een nek-aan-nekrace met zelfs een dubbele winnaar in de categorie Care. Op de Negenmaandenbeurs mocht ik op het Trends en Kennisplein de Awards uitreiken aan de winnaars.
Er werden een record aantal online stemmen uitgebracht dit jaar (15.000!) en dit bewijst maar weer eens dat moeders in heel Nederland bewust op zoek zijn naar veilige en innovatieve babyproducten. Mede door de samenwerking met partners als de samenwerking met partners als de Negenmaandenbeurs en Ouders van Nu zien we dat deze verkiezing steeds meer bekendheid krijgt en daar zijn we blij mee!

IGOmutsyIn de categorie Mobility won de Mutsy IGO, de nieuwste kinderwagen van Mutsy. Het IGO frame vouwt zeer compact op en heeft een uniek ergonomisch verstelbaar zitje. De zeer lichte reiswieg van EPP schuim weegt slechts 3,4 kilo!Pippi-op-winkelwagen

De winnaar van de categorie Travel & Safety is de Pippi-carrier van Kleine Dreumes. Dankzij deze universele drager past ieder autostoeltje veilig op winkelwagens. Makkelijk opvouwbaar en compact.

carriwell-GelWire-voedingsbhIn de categorie Feeding won de GelWire voedingsbeha van Carriwell. Waar metalen beugels kunnen zorgen voor afgeknelde melkkliertjes en borstontstekingen, geeft de revolutionaire gelbeugelbeha dezelfde steun maar
het comfort van een zachte, naadloze beha.neckerchew isi mini

In de categorie Care zijn er maar liefst 2 winnaars. De Neckerchew van ISI Mini is een slab en bijtring ineen. Zo heeft de baby met doorkomende tandjes altijd een schone bijtring en blijven kleertjes droog tijdens het sabbelen en Pretura-Shnuggle-badbijten.

De tweede winnaar in deze categorie is het Shnuggle babybad van Pretura. In dit ergonomische badje kan het kindje niet onderuit zakken. Het speciale materiaal houdt het badwater langer warm en voelt comfortabel aan. De handige schenktuit maakt leeggieten makkelijk.


In de categorie Furniture & Decoration behaalde het Grow Up Bed de meeste stemmen. Twee bedden voor de prijs van een! Ouders kunnen het ledikant later aanpassen naar een groot bed waardoor dit duurzame bed jaren meegaat.

weerolTot slot de winnaar in de categorie Toys: de Weerol van Co&Co is een veelzijdig en duurzaam stuk speelgoed dat als kruiwagen, loopkar en duwwagen kan functioneren. Het groeit met het kind en de verschillende speelfases mee.

BuggyBar-Ergonomic-DesignHet consumentenpanel wees de BuggyBar van Dooky, Xplorys als winnaar aan voor de Ouders van Nu Award.
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Buddy: mama’s en baby’s grote vriend

Buddy ISI mini babytrendwatcherProducten die je multifunctioneel én langdurig kunt gebruiken, daar ben ik dol op! Kijk eens naar dit handige kussen. Je kunt Buddy, want zo heet ie, gebruiken tijdens de zwangerschap als handig steuntje voor de rug, buik of benen voor het broodnodige stukje ontspanning. Na de geboorte bewijst Buddy zijn dienst als handig voedingskussen. In de babytijd kun je je kindje op de buik op Buddy leggen voor wat babygymnastiek, want we weten ondertussen hoe belangrijk het is dat baby’s lekker even op de buik moeten kunnen spelen voor het oefenen van rug- en nekspieren. Maar je kunt je kindje ook even halfBuddy ISI mini babytrendwatcher (2)liggend of zittend laten rusten tussen de poten van deze grote vriend. Babytijd voorbij? Dan kan je kind deze Buddy van ISI Mini vast gebruiken als slaapkussen in bed of in de auto!