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Done by Deer Collection; littering in the house is ok!

done by deerAlso fond of Scandinavian brands in your nursery? Done by Deer’s such a beautiful brand that launches a fine collection every year with special graphic designs in the most beautiful color combinations like pink, blue and other pastels. But always with a spicy accent like black and gray. Everything is designed by Helen Hjorth and her Danish design team. The collection consists of bedding, baby care products such as changing mats and nursing pillows, melamine tableware, cutlery and nice long bibs for the meal, soft stuffed animals in funny stripes, toys but also many accessories that you don’t mind if it litters in your house, because they look so beautiful!
In the current collection elephant Elphee plays the leading role. Additionally Done by Deer also introduces a lovely polka dots print: Happy Dots.

done by deer

Night light for children of parents who often travel

klm nightlightFor all the children of parents who often travel there is a KLM night light called ‘nachtjeslampje’. If you have to fly a lot children like to know how many nights mom or dad are away. With this special light little ones can see how many more nights they have to wait until their dad or mom gets home.
The lamp has the shape of an airplane, and you can set in advance how many more nights to go. Then the lamp counts down, like an Advent calendar. Funny thing is that the lights shine behind the windows, so every day that is counted down, a light goes out behind a window. I am not here to promote KLM, but I think this a realy inventive night light for childrens rooms! For sale on the webshop of KLM.