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New babybrand steals the show: Nanami

nanami voedingskussenPlease pay some attention to this lovely new brand from Holland: Nanami. When I came across this label on kleine fabriek tradeshow in Amsterdam, I was impressed. The brand name Nanami means ‘seven seas’, and the designers have been inspired by nature and the Inuit from Greenland and Canada. But the collection also gives you a Japanese feeling. The result is a beautiful collection of bed linens, babycare products, but also lovely pillows and a nursing pillow in the shape of a polar bear. In the color palette we see soft tones of emerald green, purple blue and ecru that combines nicely with baby furniture in white or wood. Defnitely a brand to remember.

nanami beddengoednanami

Rocket design lamp for children’s room

rocket designer lamp kinderkamerHow nice to furnish and decorate your children’s room! But finding beautiful lamp is often a difficult job. At least that was the case with me. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find what I was looking for. I found lamps fussy, too often made with jigsaws, too bright with colors, too parental or too childish. Eventually I opted for something, but I wasn’t happy with my choice. In my opinion there may be more attention for one of the most important accessories of a children’s room: a beautiful lamp.
Besides it’s not just an accessory; good light is really necessary for changing your baby, reading a book together, switching the light on at night when your child wakes up, and the possibility to dim the light. Therefore I was very excited when I met Willard Tijhuis of elfaBase at a trade show. He has designed some beautiful lamps for children’s rooms that look gorgeous. They are made of plastic, are unbreakable, color resistant, fully recyclable and easy to keep clean. A big advantage is the adjustable LED lighting in 16 remote colors for more atmosphere. It’s also possible to dim the light so you make a nightlight from your lamp. As a mother of boys I would go for the rocket lamp, but there’s also a Hello Kitty version!

hello kitty designerlamp kinderkamer

Freshness in the nursery with Glorious Lou

glorious louI have spotted a nice new brand: Glorious Lou! This new textile label from Belgium focuses on comfort for babies and children. The entire collection is made of fresh designs and has a light color palette. From bibs, covers for the changing table and the bouncer, basic rompers, rompers, sleeping bags and blankets, Glorious Lou has it all. It’s also ok with the origin of this brand, because it’s made from 100% organic cotton and GOTS certified, so nice for all sensitive baby skins!

New moderndesigns in baby furniture

It was nice to see in Cologne the new design by Peter Opsvik. He is the designer of the famous Tripp Trapp highchair. Years ago I had the honor to meet him in Norway in his wonderful studio full with special chairs that makes you move. Because according to Opsvik, people are not designed to sit still for hours. When he himself became a grandfather he was inspired by new production methods and materials. So he came up with a completely new design: Nomi (with a nod to the word ergonomics). This chair really grows along with the child. With the Baby Relax you create a bouncer at table height. Nomi provides secure support for growing children and freedom of movement when climbing in and out of the chair. You can adjust the seat and foot rest by millimeter to teen age. Beautiful Scandinavian design!

nomi kinderstoelWe already mentioned the Stokke Home furniture concept in our blog earlier. Beautiful designed and so convenient that all these modules can be combined as desired and can be used for a longtime. It’s also ideal if you don’t have large bedrooms. For removable bassinet there is a standard, but you can place the bassinet on the bedstead. From the bedstead you can make a small ‘house’, the changing table fits on the crib standard but also on the bed and dresser. When your child grows just turn the changing table and place it on the cradle stand and voilĂ : a small desk!

stokke homeA hammock that seems to float in the penplay but can also be used independently, that’s the Hangloose. You can use Hangloose as a playmat or hammock in the playpen. The garment has two layers. The upper layer is quilted in origami manner so that, by folding a few corners, you are able to create a comfortable sleeping position for your baby. The underlayer is made of canvas and can be attached easily with loops to the box. Relax baby!

hanglooseThese are the nominations of the categorie Furniture & Decorations of the Baby Innovation Award!

Trends and ideas for decorating the nursery

It’s so nice to decorate your nursery… when I was pregnant of my eldest son I was so excited. I chose lovely wallpaper with matching fabrics. If you are a little creative, you can do very much yourself; I made the coating of the cradle, sewed curtains, made a cover for the hot water bottle and music box. The result was amazing, I was so proud! I even made a nightlight with the jigsaw. Although a nursery is ideal to give it a personal touch we all get inspired by the latest interior trends. What is hip, hot and happening now in nursery land? Check out these four key trends:

nursery trend pastel

Trend 1: Pretty pastel

Pastels can’t be missed in the nursery. Lovely shades of pink, soft blue and soft green and neutral grays. Smart manufacturers already translated these colors in accessories such as Baby’s Only, Snoozebaby, koeka, Cotton Baby, Baby Anne-Cy, BamBam but also Southern European brands like Uzturre, Pasito a Pasito where pastels almost are an art. Pastels can be wonderful in a nursery and lighten up the room, but you can miss some excitement and energy. Beautiful combinations are those made with spicy accent colors such as raspberry, fuchsia or bright green.

nursery trend black white

Trend 2: Sensible black and white

A nursery in black and white cold or boring? Not at all! Never before there were so many children’s accessories in black and white. Think of pillows, nice lyrics that you can paint or stick on walls, posters, lights and so on. Combine these accessories with pastel shades like pink, green or blue and let the black and white accessories shine. Black and white also combine very well with spicy colors like turquoise or fuchsia. This nursery is both for boys and girls!

nursery trend gold

Trend 3: Beloved gold

In the interior industry already quite hot, but we see it in the nursery more and more. Please don’t make it too bling bling, hammered or a little weathered is just fine. The color gold or copper gives you and your child a sunny and wealthy feeling. Ideal to use in areas with little sunlight, a light or accessory brings in the sunlight directly. Gold combines beautifully with green and brown tones, it brings peace and warmth or combine it with chic black, white and natural tones. If combined with fresh colors such as raspberry pink, petrol blue and buttercup yellow it will give the room a youthful appearance!

nursery trend do it yourself

Trend 4: Decorative do-it-yourself

If you’re becoming a mom or dad you probably want to make something for the nursery: that can be sewing, crafting or carpenting! An odd shaped branch from nature serves well for making a mobile or as a hanging rack for your finest baby clothes. A timbered tree is nice as decoration on the wall, and a separate standing tree can be used as a coat rack. You can also make beautiful things with paper such as a festive birth garland, a garland with flags, circles or other shapes. And what do you think about a bunch of origami balls in the corner of a room?

Want more inspiration? Have a look at our Pinterest nursery rooms!