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Only adult; how important are children nowadays?

only adult, children not allowed‘Only adults’ holidays and restaurants where children are not welcome … and there seems to be a market for it too. What is happening nowadays, I wonder? Are children becoming more difficult to handle? Are we so stressed from work that we can’t tolerate a baby crying anymore? Or are parents not correcting their children by unacceptable behavior that this causes so much irritation? I also remember such a nice flight where a toddler behind us cried for two hours while his mother tried to sleep without batting an eye. Interference of other passengers didn’t help.
I really wonder how we came this far. I like to think back on all our holidays in Southern Europe where our children were welcomed with open arms, on camp sites, hotels and restaurants, children are very important for families there. I remember when we took our young boys to a French restaurant in a small village that turned out to be a little too chic and there was no children’s menu… Our children ate little portions, brave but reluctantly, and between the courses we allowed them to play with their Gameboy. When we left the restaurant we received a compliment that our children had behaved so well. I felt proud because don’t think they are angels normally . Our boys are full of temperament and I can write a book about the period they were little. We still having some issues now and then, but there never was outdoors screaming and whining. Probably they knew exactly how far they could go.
Perhaps we just ask too much from children nowadays. Why take a baby into a crowded cafe in the evening to meet with friends? Which child likes to go to a restaurant after a very busy day? Which child can sit quiet for hours in an airplane to go to a tropical island? I really wonder.

Miffy immortalized!

nijntje emilio kruithofFlorentijn Hofman nijntjenijntje harmen van straaternijntje hugo kaagmanFor those who didn’t know it yet: Miffy celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. On June 21, 1955 the little white bunny was born, drawn by Dick Bruna. I am very fond of Miffy. I like the simple lines. When I have to make choices in my own artistic aspirations, the layout of the tradejournal BabyWereld, BabyStuf Trendmagazine or pages for our site it helps me to think of Miffy. Because less is indeed more; the art to leave out! To celebrate the anniversary of Miffy 60 artists from The Netherlands and Japan were asked to edit a large white statue of Miffy. See some beautiful examples. This Miffy art parade can be seen till the end of September at various locations in Utrecht, The Hague, Amsterdam and Japan. The statues will be auctioned for Unicef thereafter. Artists from left to right: Emilio Kruithof, Florentijn Hofman, Harmen van Straaten, Hugo Kaagman, Max Kisman, Rotraut Susanne Berner, Richard Hutten.

nijntje max kismannijntje rotraut susanne bernernijntje richard hutten

Documentary Birth Day about giving birth in other countries

Birth day Lieve blancquaertWhere is your crib and how does this affects your life? In China the one-child policy has changed a little from 1979. Couples in countryside may have two children, and if they are only child themselves, they may have two children. The intention of the one-child policy in China was set to stop the rapidly growing population. But now the country faces some other major problems: an aging population, a shortage of young workers in factories and an imbalance between women and men. More boys are born than girls.  That’s because many Chinese parents prefer to choose a boy because he can help them on the farm, or have a chance of a well-paid job and take care of his parents better.
Because of the shortage of women more and more men cannot find a woman and there is a chance that these men become aggressive or depressed. Another neglected issue is the chance that, born as only child, parents and grandparents treat their children as an Emperor or Empress, lacking nothing. Thus creating a generation super spoiled children …
In the first episode of ‘Birth Day’ producer Lieve Blancquaert films the birth of a baby in Shanghai with different families. We look at ordinary families but also see how babies of rich parents are treated with a baby wellness. This episode will be followed by seven other Birth Day’s from other countries. The documentary can be seen on channel Belgium One, but will soon be broadcasted by VPRO. Definitely worth looking!

Tradeshow Pink & Blue rocks with new labels

pink and blue beursBetween a journey to a tradeshow in Madrid and trip to Nice fortunately I found time to visit the Pink & Blue Kids Trade Fair. For this edition the exhibition organisers worked together with the Trade Mart Utrecht. The fair was completely styled in New York spheres with funny attributes, free finger food and smoothies and in the middle a real oldies pram catwalk. Unfortunately I haven’t seen much real ‘babyhardware’, but for those who are looking for nice presents and original products to style the nursery this fair was definitely worth a visit!

wollie wolk babytrendwatcher
I would like to put a couple of new brands in the spotlight: Wollie Wolk showed surprising and very hip footmuffs made of hip design fabrics but lined with real wool because this kind of fabric is natural, moisturizing and breathable. You can choose from models with trendy zebra fabric, tough denim, tough Tartan designs, fine knits or fake furs. According to the founders Ellen Cooper and Madelon Bouwman these are really footmuffs with which you want to be seen. It’s nice to know that all models are produced in a limited edition. I suspect we will hear much more from these ladies!

pink blue dining kids babytrendwatcher
Dining Kids Amsterdam is known for the development, manufacture and supply of products for the catering, think of coloring pages, crayons in a box, with or without the name of the restaurant. But food and drinks for children should be much more according the two men behind Dining Kids. So Joris and Jorden developed a new children’s crockery full of humor made of real porcelain. Such as the Fishing Bowl with a fishing line, when the bowl is empty children will discover what’s on the line! Or have a look at the maze on the pizza plate!
pure kids bamboe servies bij babytrendwatcherpure kids bamboe servies babytrendwatcher

Also special in the area of ​​food and drinks is the sustainable Pure Kids tableware made ​​of bamboo! Cheerful, colorful and child friendly. It cannot be put in the microwave however but the washing machine is no problem.

babytrendwatcher zoocchiniFinally I spotted a new original label: Zoocchini! The collection consists of funny bathcapes with animal heads as hood and dangerous claws! Available in baby and children’s size and have a close look at the packaging!

Stimulerende maatregelen nodig voor hogere geboortecijfers!

Grote familie Knuf, babytrendwatcher

Zo af en toe moet je alle plannen die je hebt overboord gooien. Zoals vandaag toen ik einde ochtend werd gebeld door BNR nieuwsradio met de vraag of ik als deskundige live in de uitzending wilde reageren op de volgende stelling: ‘De overheid moet het krijgen van kinderen financieel stimuleren.’ Dat wilde ik zeker en zo kwam het dat ik een pleidooi kon houden voor baby stimulerende maatregelen vanuit de overheid. Want deze zijn beslist nodig en ik zal uitleggen waarom. Veertien jaar geleden stond de teller op 200.000 geboortes per jaar. Ik weet het nog goed: we woonden destijds in een nieuwbouwwijk en er waren grote wachtlijsten voor kinderopvang. Je moest vechten voor een plek en zo’n beetje mijn hele salaris ging naar de opvang toe, maar ik wilde contact houden met de arbeidsmarkt en ik had het ervoor over. Vorig jaar bereikte de dalende trend een dieptepunt. ‘Slechts’ 171.000 baby’s zagen het levenslicht. Door de economische crisis, onzekerheid over baan en huis is het niet meer dan logisch dat je het krijgen van kinderen uitstelt. En als je besluit kinderen samen kinderen te willen krijgen, dan kiezen ouders in deze tijd liever voor 1 of 2 kinderen in plaats van de gewenste 3 of zelfs 4.

Op de stelling in de uitzending kon worden gereageerd door de luisteraars: 75% vond stimulerende maatregelen niet nodig, 25% wel. Nu ken ik de doelgroep luisteraars niet precies (misschien dat een poll op een zender als Sky Radio, Q Music of 538 een heel andere uitkomst had laten zien…) maar het geeft te denken.  Volgens mij worden de gevolgen van de dalende geboortecijfers ernstig onderschat en is dit een economisch probleem dat ons allemaal aangaat. Want niet alleen hebben we straks veel te weinig arbeidskrachten op de markt om de economie draaiende te houden, ook zijn er te weinig handen aan het bed voor de grote groep gepensioneerden. En dan heb ik het nog niet eens over de grote leegloop bij kinderopvang en scholen.
In het buitenland hebben ze dit probleem al veel eerder opgepikt. In Frankrijk kennen ze stimulerende maatregelen in de vorm van bonussen voor grote gezinnen ofwel ‘familles nombreuses’. In België is de kinderbijslag veel hoger en krijgen ouders eenmalig een geboortepremie. In Duitsland krijgen ouders ‘Elterngeld’; een flink maandelijks bedrag afhankelijk van inkomen.  Kinderen groot brengen in deze tijd is niet alleen een grote verantwoordelijkheid maar ook kostbaar. Daar kunnen ouders zeker een financieel steuntje bij in de rug gebruiken! Uit mijn familiearchief deze prachtige foto waar mijn oma op staat, ze kwam uit een groot gezin van 10 kinderen… wat een contrast met het gemiddelde in Nederland van 1,76 van tegenwoordig…

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