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Stroller trend: calming green

mutsy evo olive babytrendwatcherI was waiting for the embargo of the last press release, but here it is: there is a new trend in strollers: green! And I’m not talking about the bright green colour from tropical countries, but I mean gray-green shades of the Northern Hemisphere, with  misty, wild forests with deciduous trees and pinetrees. Green represents growth, nature, hope, life and future. It is a calming color that provides balance and safety. We see that the color palette definitely has changed from bold colors to soft, natural tones inspired by the themes  earth, water and nature. Mutsy (see above) was one of the first brands that used melee fabric for their strollers in beautiful nature colours with sturdy stitches. On the last trade fair in Cologne I noticed the new Mutsy Evo Industrial Olive immediately. A beauty! This stroller comes with a cognac-colored leather handle and is available in black, silver or dark gray chasis.

stokke trailz nordic green babytrendwatcherStokke now comes with an exclusive Trailz Nordic Green Edition. This stroller with its  large pneumatic tires really makes a statement. The lining is made of dark green melee and water repellent fabric. A nice combination with the faux leather handles and stitched details. This stroller is ready for a nice walk in the woods, on the moors and on the waterside!

maxi-cosi nova green babytrendwatcherThe new Maxi-Cost Nova (above) has a handsfree foldingsystem and big shock absorbing wheels. The new fashion colours are black and silver for the frame and Nomad Blue, Sand en this Green for the seat and carrycot.

abc salsa olive babytrendwatcherThe German brand ABC Design surprised me at the fair with new designs and materials that will definitely appeal the Dutch consumer. Like the spicy and manoeuvrable Salsa, available as three- and four-wheeler. The silver frame and black upholstery matches well with the olive green cap.

Joolz fans will be happy to see the Joolz Geo Earth Turtle Green. From Bugaboo we liked this one best in this theme: Bugaboo Cameleon3 in dark khaki and also have a look at the Egg stroller in Forest Green. These colours have been on the market longer but for the whole picture I am glad to mention them.

joolz geo earth turtle babytrendwatcherbugaboo cameleon 3 babytrendwatcheregg stroller forest green babytrendwatcher

For the cold winter months a nice warm blanket and foot muff should not be forgotten. Like the new Lodger bunker in Scandinavian style or nice foot muff and warm blanket with forest details from Elodie Details! This really makes you and your baby calm…

The most beautiful Tipi tents

Tipi van ChildhomeAfter a week France with plenty sunshine, I am now back in The Netherlands. I am glad to be home, but I have to get used to the cold and gray weather again…So let us go back in the house and make it cozy. My kids used to built tents, in their bedroom, the attic, in the living room, I did’nt mind. With a large sheet or old duvet cover and some clothespins they made great tent homes where they often wanted to sleep in. Of course they dragged with cushions and small tables and here and there it was needed to fasten a line.
Tipi tents are a lot easier to use, it’s unfolding the tent poles, place the tent and that’s it. These Tipi tents are totally hip again and brands bring out special models. So, the sloppy tents with old striped and floral patterns make room for hip Tipi tents which also look very stylish in the children’s room or your living room. They come in uni color, with zigzag, diamonds, retro or Scandinavian style. They are very decorative and it’s also possible to make one yourself if you are a bit handy.
These Tipi Tents are not only nice for older children, even little ones can have fun playing here. Dismantling is easy but of course all the cushions and rugs still must be cleared here. But mom is happy to give a helping hand with that.

Images from the top down: Childhome, Kids Depot, mini Tipi of Maileg, Lifetime Camp Canyon, yellow with diamonds pattern Nobodinoz, bottom image: Taftan.

kids depotmini-tipi-maileg



tipi-zwart-wittipi taftan haakwerk


This digital crib measures everything

wieg met sensoren van nestNest is a US company (owned by Google / Alphabet) that develops products that makes the life of people a little easier. Like a thermostat that automatically adjusts to the rhythm of life as it programs itself during operation. Or a smoke detector that tests itself and where you can turn off the alarm with your phone.
Nest has now applied for a new patent for a product that excites my curiosity: a crib with sensors. The patent application is a huge list of features for this connected crib, too extensive to treat them all here. In short, it means that all movements and the baby’s body can be monitored. The crib sensors are processed everywhere as well as technique that can be connected to anything. Think of a camera that you can use as a baby monitor, but also sensors that measures your baby’s sleep and temperature, if your baby has a cold or has a full diaper, it can even play a song or a movie to soothe your baby. There are LED lights which enables you to put your baby back in its crib to sleep. And if your toddler dares to climb out of his crib then a closing mechanism starts working. No idea how this works.
baby met sensorenDo we want this as parents, I wonder? Developments in baby technology go fast, I know. I am aware of the fact that more and more sensors are processed in sensors in clothes and diapers. But this digital cradle is very over the top. Do we want a digital watchdog where parents hardly are involved anymore? There have been long discussions about the possible danger of radiation from baby monitors. With these techniques your child will definitely get an overdose of electron radiation…

Trends and winners Baby Innovation Award at the Nine Months Fair 2016

winners baby innovation award
The Negenmaandenbeurs is over and we look back on a very successful event! On the first day the winners of the Baby Innovation Award were announced with lots of noise. All nominees were present for the announcement and that was a tense moment. It was so exciting that some winners erupted in cheers such as the five fathers of Hang Loose!

In Category Mobility the carseat Cloud Q of Cybex was the winner. This car seat has an almost flat lying position, can be used as a travel cot outside the car, is equipped with side impact protection, has a nice big UV protective sun canopy and the seat can be adapted to 11 levels to grow with the child.
In Category Travel & Safety the gb Pockit buggy won. It is the most compact buggy in the world, fits folded into a bag and weighs only 4.3 kilograms. The mothers of fabulous mama&family also rewarded this buggy with the Consumer Award.
In Category Care won Squid Soap hand soap Sparks Ltd. The soap dispenser leaves an ink dot on the back of the child’s hand. So children learn in a playful way to wash their hands properly until the dot disappears.
In Category Feeding Baby Bottle Munchkin Latch came out as the winner. This bottle has an anti colic valve and an ultra soft teat that moves in all directions. Milk only flows once the baby puts pressure on it.
In Furniture and Decoration the Hangloose playpen and hammock became the proud winner. It is a hammock with a folding soft cloth on top. Your little baby lies on it in a comfortable and ergonomic way.
doomoo spooky of Delta Diffusion is the big winner of Toys & Gifts. This soft and cuddly nightlight gives a soft light for 10 minutes and gives light again when your baby starts to cry.
For the new category Green we collaborate with BabyBeGood in which The Bioserie toys is the final winner. This toy is made from plants and is completely safe for children to feel, taste and explore.

negenmaandenbeurs uitreikingAll nominated and winning products were showing off on the new Baby Innovation Plein. There was a lot of interest for all products and we could sell them on the spot, so much demand was there. If brands were there we could refer consumers to booths at the fair. Learn more about the election and the winners? You’ll find it on the site of the baby innovation award.
There is also a nice film of the fabulous mama jury day:

winnaars baby innovation awardsBefore the announcement of these awards, I gave my views on the latest baby trends. I talked about mobility, fashion, sport, rear-facing car seats, dad gadgets, new techniques in baby textiles, new ways of babyfeeding, the latest trends to decorate the baby nursery and of course the latest trends in sustainability and baby products.
Key words came back in a huge word cloud on the Trend Wall on the Baby Innovation Plein. A part of my presentation can be found in our new BabyStuf Trend Magazine which was distributed in the special shopper of the fair.
Taking part on the Negenmaandenbeurs takes a lot of preparation and effort but you gain so much with it. Where do you speak and see so many consumers in your target group in a few days? Besides it’s a good way to promote our election and consumersite We have collected a lot of new addresses, gained ideas and these are golden days for networking!

trendwall negenmaandenbeurs
babystuf standnegenmaandenbeursbaby innovatieplein skelter