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SmartBe first self-propelled stroller, a good idea?

smartbe self propelled strollerIn America the first self-propelled stroller is developed. This stroller, called the SmartBe, moves itself along with the help of an electric motor. Through an ingenious system the stroller is always driving before you without physical contact. According to the designers, you’re always in control as father or mother if you walk or run behind it because it’s connected with your smartphone or smartwatch. The SmartBe was developed for urban walks but jogging is also possible by adjusting the frame.
The stroller is equipped with more than 10 additional technological features such as a travel cot with climate control, electronic screens for bright sunlight, rain and insects, a bottle warmer, a rocking function, smartphone loader, automatic power folding, an electronic locker, anti-theft sensor and wireless speakers!
If you combine this with the minimalist and sleek design, I must say, ‘I’m impressed.’ There already are strollers on the market that work with a battery that makes pushing a lot lighter, but I have never seen one before that moves itself forward without human contact. If you want one, this intelligent stroller is not cheap: the most luxurious version costs around US$ 3,200, for the cheaper version with assist propelled mode you pay US$ 2,800.

The SmartBe stroller meets all safety requirements in the US and Europe, I read. As much as I admire the technique, I have some questions. Is handsfree running with this stroller really safe? There are plenty of stories about strollers which fell of the
train platform or drove into the ditch. Typical cases of: forgot to use the handbrake and forgot to hold the handle bar … What if there is a fault with your smartphone or if other signals are picked up? Is it not motorized traffic according to the law and therefore has to meet certain requirements? What if you are running with say, 10 km per hours and the stroller hits a loose stone and tips over?
Is that perhaps the reason why the SmartBe is also available in a manual version? In that case it’s for US$ 1000 a lot cheaper!

Buddy: a robot as babysit

buddy robot als babysitA revolutionary robot that takes care of your children, alarms you if your baby cries and plays with your children? Future or is it already this far? Buddy is the name of this lovable robot made by Blue Frog Robotics in France which looks a bit like Disney’s Wall-E which has stolen so many children’s hearts.
Buddy can do much: he connects your mobile devices such as thermostat, light and smartphones, he can share photos and videos and connect to the social network. For the family it’s a useful helper; you give your agenda to Buddy and he tells you when it’s time to visit the doctor, go to school or swimming lessons. He can play hide and seek with your children, read to them and is equipped with numerous interactive games. It is also a true watchdog, he keeps an eye on your home and alarms you when there is danger, fire or flood.
Buddy kan do a lot but babysitting seems (fortunately) a bridge too far for me. Buddy rides around on wheels but is not able to climb the stairs yet. Also I do not know how your pet will react if you have one…. But is fun to watch!

Trends in baby names: Instagram and royal

trends in babynamenDe Sociale Verzekeringsbank draws up an annual list of popular baby names, the top three boys’ names are right now: Liam, Luuk and Sem, girlsnames are  Emma, ​​Sophie and Julia. Reasonably Dutch names, for the full list see and look for baby names. But it may well be that this list will change rapidly because there are some trends going on with baby names! The trend that children are named after celebrities has been going on for a while, think of Britney (Spears), Pippa (Middleton) and Liam (Payne, One Direction) and many other YouTube celebs. New is naming your child like superfoods like Chia, Inka, Quinoa and Provider. Now that the hype of superfoods is over, it is time for a new trend which seems to come from America.
There parents name their children increasingly after Instagram filters that allow you to edit photos, such as contrast, brightness, contrast, highlights and shadows. Research by, which pulls up a large list of names each year, the name Lux is by far the most recorded name for both boys and girls. In addition, Ludwig, Amaro Reyes, Hudson and Kelvin are also on the list of boys’ names. Juno is popular for girls, as well as Valencia and Willow. These names are not so bad, but now it’s waiting for the first Lo-fi, Slumber and Perpetua…
Space technology appears also to be a great inspiration for baby names such as Venus, Soleil Moon, Cassiopeia, Jupiter, Luna, Star and Stella.
Another special feature is that more and more American parents prefer to choose a neutral name. Carson, Amari, Karter, Sawyer, River and Phoenix are given to both boys and girls. Inspired by celebrities more and more traditional boys’ names are given to girls such as Wyatt, Lincoln, Maxwell and James.
Royal baby names are also trending topic. In America they don’t hesitate to name their children Lorde, Royalty, Royal, Duchess, Princess, Reign, Prince, King, Noble or Sovereign. Of course you can go one step further and baptize your child by the name Kaiser, Sultan, Cesar or Emperor. Kim Kardashian goes over the top by giving the name Saint to her newly born second child. Wow …
Searching for an original baby name is a long quest, and well worth it because this is the first gift that you will give your child and which they will carry their whole life. So think carefully if you want to be influenced by hypes. Research shows that one of five parents regret the choice of the name. They hear the name to often or they are not so fond of their idol anymore…. And will your child be happy with this name when he or she is 20 or 30 years old?

image: Little Dutch

Trends and ideas for decorating the nursery

It’s so nice to decorate your nursery… when I was pregnant of my eldest son I was so excited. I chose lovely wallpaper with matching fabrics. If you are a little creative, you can do very much yourself; I made the coating of the cradle, sewed curtains, made a cover for the hot water bottle and music box. The result was amazing, I was so proud! I even made a nightlight with the jigsaw. Although a nursery is ideal to give it a personal touch we all get inspired by the latest interior trends. What is hip, hot and happening now in nursery land? Check out these four key trends:

nursery trend pastel

Trend 1: Pretty pastel

Pastels can’t be missed in the nursery. Lovely shades of pink, soft blue and soft green and neutral grays. Smart manufacturers already translated these colors in accessories such as Baby’s Only, Snoozebaby, koeka, Cotton Baby, Baby Anne-Cy, BamBam but also Southern European brands like Uzturre, Pasito a Pasito where pastels almost are an art. Pastels can be wonderful in a nursery and lighten up the room, but you can miss some excitement and energy. Beautiful combinations are those made with spicy accent colors such as raspberry, fuchsia or bright green.

nursery trend black white

Trend 2: Sensible black and white

A nursery in black and white cold or boring? Not at all! Never before there were so many children’s accessories in black and white. Think of pillows, nice lyrics that you can paint or stick on walls, posters, lights and so on. Combine these accessories with pastel shades like pink, green or blue and let the black and white accessories shine. Black and white also combine very well with spicy colors like turquoise or fuchsia. This nursery is both for boys and girls!

nursery trend gold

Trend 3: Beloved gold

In the interior industry already quite hot, but we see it in the nursery more and more. Please don’t make it too bling bling, hammered or a little weathered is just fine. The color gold or copper gives you and your child a sunny and wealthy feeling. Ideal to use in areas with little sunlight, a light or accessory brings in the sunlight directly. Gold combines beautifully with green and brown tones, it brings peace and warmth or combine it with chic black, white and natural tones. If combined with fresh colors such as raspberry pink, petrol blue and buttercup yellow it will give the room a youthful appearance!

nursery trend do it yourself

Trend 4: Decorative do-it-yourself

If you’re becoming a mom or dad you probably want to make something for the nursery: that can be sewing, crafting or carpenting! An odd shaped branch from nature serves well for making a mobile or as a hanging rack for your finest baby clothes. A timbered tree is nice as decoration on the wall, and a separate standing tree can be used as a coat rack. You can also make beautiful things with paper such as a festive birth garland, a garland with flags, circles or other shapes. And what do you think about a bunch of origami balls in the corner of a room?

Want more inspiration? Have a look at our Pinterest nursery rooms!

Bloom retro crib and dresser

bloom retro babykamerA few years ago very little baby- and children’s design came from America, but that’s all changed now! Look at the American brand Bloom for example, founded by four fathers who wanted to bring some rumour in the baby market. Bloom is known for the beautiful Bloom Fresco high chair and Coco lounger. On the Kind + Jugend tradeshow I saw this lovely new bed and dresser and was very impressed. What a beautiful design, this retro crib of Bloom! Very clever how the bars are finished. The bed can be used as a toddler bed and bench later on. Available in white coconut and frost grey but I particularly like the oak variant,  smashing for a nursery or childrens room! Image: project nursery