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Maxi-Cosi introduces AxissFix Plus and shows new airbag technology

maxi cosi axissfix plusThe new legislation regarding i-Size requires a new generation of car seats. At the tradeshow in Cologne Maxi-Cosi will introduce the newest flagship AxissFix Plus. AxissFix Plus meets all the requirements of i-Size but can also be turned around 360 degrees. And this offers many advantages. First, you have to struggle less securing or removing your child from the car seat usually standing in an impossible position. Except that this saves your back and neck, there is another important advantage of this 360 degree rotating car seat. According to i-Size it’s mandatory to put children in a backwards position up to 15 months, the safest position if there would be a collision. So up to 15 months you put your child in a backwards position, after that you can rotate the carseat into a forward position.

One car seat from birth to four years

The AxissFix Plus is the successor to the AxissFix but this new type can be used with a baby insert from birth until your child is four years old. This will safe you money, because you only need to purchase one seat! The AxissFix Plus is available at special babyshops for 499 euro’s.

maxi cosi met airbag technologieMaxi-Cosi with airbag technology

And then there is more news to report from Maxi-Cosi, although not ready for production yet. The design department is working on the first car seat with air bags. In case of a collision two little airbags incorporated in the shoulder straps are blown up in a fraction of a second to protect the head and neck of the child. Then the little airbags deflate quickly. Really a revolution in the car seat industry!

BedBox: children’s ride-on suitcase and inflight bed in one

Bedbox jetkids
Flying with your baby or toddler is fun but also difficult! Aircraft seats for us as adults are on the tight side, but your child disappears in a that big chair and doesn’t sit in an ergonomic way. Sleeping is also a problem, searching for the right sleeping position. If you take your child on your lap, you both get hot and you aren’t sitting comfortable. This can be an exhausting experience!
bedbox jetkids 1Together with his wife, a pilot and airplane engineer developed an unique product: BedBox. It is a suitcase for children, to rest and ride on but you can also transform it into an inflight bed for your child!

Bedbox is the solution

Suitcases for children with the possibility to ride on already exist on the market, but the possibility to transform it into a childrens bed is unique. The bed box is designed in a way that it fits under the seat. If your child just want to stretch his legs during the flight you can put the BedBox close to the seat. bedbox jetkids 5With the turned lid and extension you can enlarge the size of the seat. When it’s time to sleep and the light ‘seatbelts on’ are off you make a cot for your child using the extandable. To make a nice cosy bed for your child a mattress is included which can also be used as a changing mat.
BedBox of Jetkids is suitable for children from zero to seven years, the cot can be used until your child is four years old. A great solution for a practical problem where parents and children are dealing with when travelling. It will also be handy for long train or bus journeys!

Nursery bag and carrycot all in one!

luiertas en wieg deltababy (3)I love practical things for on the go. On holiday I cannot help looking in French supermarkets for handy nursery and cooler bags. The weather there is a lot brighter and sometimes I see some very handy bags. In my basement you will find some necessary copies. Although my children are no babies anymore, some nursery bags still prove their service on the beach and on the go!
luiertas en wiegIn this context I like to mention the delta baby nursery bag from Belgium. Not not just a nursery bag, but also a travel cot and now completely renewed! The disadvantage of many nursery bags is that they are quite heavy because of the insulation material. And this material is necessary to keep baby’s nutrition and bottles cool. delta baby managed to make this bag 45% lighter, so for 1.5 kilos you have a heck of a diaper bag and a travel crib all in one. Such a handy accessory for all the  trips you will make with your baby! But that’s not the only thing that’s new, it got a completely fresh look with new fabrics and colors. Definitely a design to stay!


Thule for sporty parents

thule urban glideIf you don’t like fussy children stuff but prefer sports and adventure, consider the Swedish outdoor brand Thule! Whether you go hiking, cycling or jogging, Thule is completely specialized in the active lifestyle of parents. At Thule no complicated techniques, decorations or a exclusive collaboration with a fashion designer. If you choose for Thule you choose for simplicity, easy to use and a sleek and stylish design. This brand will increase the heart beat of a lot of men, when my husband saw this brand on one of the biggest trade fairs, he went straight for it.

Thule collection strollers, trailers, bicycle seats, back carrier

thule fietsstoeltjeThe collection consists of baby strollers, trailers, bicycle seats and a back carrier. Thule Urban Glide is a tough, versatile tricycle suitable for one or two children in a mono or duo version. There’s an adjustable push bar, a foot brake and adjustable hood. When you go jogging then you just put secure the front wheel. There’s a good rear suspension and the padded seat is adjustable to almost horizontal so that children can have a nap. With the Thule Bassinet carrycot you transfer this in a stroller that can be used from day one.
Besides strollers Thule also has a collection of trailers including the new Coaster XT. These trailers come with various conversion kits so they are ideal for after the bicycle, to walk behind, jogging, hiking or cross country skiing. There is even a conversion kit with skis ready to transform a trailer into a handy sled!
On the bike Thule has the Ride Along Mini and Ride Along for the back. Including one-hand adjustable footrests and protective edges for children’s hands.
And for the hikers among us there is the Thule Sapling, with many luxury features such as a height-adjustable seat and mirror to keep an eye on your child.
thule sapling

Why parents prefer to choose for a stroller from Southern Europe

inglesina zuid europese invloedenMaybe you have spotted it already in baby stores and on the street. Between the conventional Dutch stroller brands I see more and more influence from southern Europe. How come? Different baby stores told me that some parents prefer to choose something completely different than the well known Dutch stroller and baby brands to distinguish themselves. Important stroller brands from southern Europe are for example Cam and Bébécar. Opting for these strollers is opting for pastel shades, with a little bling like shiny stones, bows or embroidery. Everything is elegant and beautifully finished, including  a luxery foot muff. For more luxury you can chose the retro classic of the Italian brand Inglesina (see picture), handmade, extremely comfortable with good suspension. The only disadvantage is maybe that this stroller is not easy to fold and to take with you in the car. But nevertheless, such a coach deserves a place of honor in your home, right?

kinderwagen zuid europaImage: Johan Berkhout at El Estilo