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Carseat Zero.1 goes 36 degrees and can do more!

autostoel zero 1 recaroHas your child outgrown the 0+ car seat? Then you need to think whether you want to transport your child in a rearfacing or forward facing carseat. All the experts agree: rearfacing is the most safe and the best. The new Recaro Zero.1 makes this decision a little easier because the new car seat can rotate 360˚ and can be used two ways: rearfacing or forward facing.
From birth to about 4.5 years (18 kg) you can use the Zero.1 rearfacing, if your child is older than 15 months you can rotate the seat with one hand and use it forward facing. For the little ones there is a booster cushion. Is your child growing? You can adjust the seat to the length of your child with one hand. Smart indicators show whether you have properly installed the car seat. The unique belt system ensures that belts are always in the right position, they cannot rotate or cut the skin of your baby.
The Zero.1 also makes it easier to take a child in and out a carseat, just turn the seat to the cardoor!

autostoel zero 1 recaro

SmartBe first self-propelled stroller, a good idea?

smartbe self propelled strollerIn America the first self-propelled stroller is developed. This stroller, called the SmartBe, moves itself along with the help of an electric motor. Through an ingenious system the stroller is always driving before you without physical contact. According to the designers, you’re always in control as father or mother if you walk or run behind it because it’s connected with your smartphone or smartwatch. The SmartBe was developed for urban walks but jogging is also possible by adjusting the frame.
The stroller is equipped with more than 10 additional technological features such as a travel cot with climate control, electronic screens for bright sunlight, rain and insects, a bottle warmer, a rocking function, smartphone loader, automatic power folding, an electronic locker, anti-theft sensor and wireless speakers!
If you combine this with the minimalist and sleek design, I must say, ‘I’m impressed.’ There already are strollers on the market that work with a battery that makes pushing a lot lighter, but I have never seen one before that moves itself forward without human contact. If you want one, this intelligent stroller is not cheap: the most luxurious version costs around US$ 3,200, for the cheaper version with assist propelled mode you pay US$ 2,800.

The SmartBe stroller meets all safety requirements in the US and Europe, I read. As much as I admire the technique, I have some questions. Is handsfree running with this stroller really safe? There are plenty of stories about strollers which fell of the
train platform or drove into the ditch. Typical cases of: forgot to use the handbrake and forgot to hold the handle bar … What if there is a fault with your smartphone or if other signals are picked up? Is it not motorized traffic according to the law and therefore has to meet certain requirements? What if you are running with say, 10 km per hours and the stroller hits a loose stone and tips over?
Is that perhaps the reason why the SmartBe is also available in a manual version? In that case it’s for US$ 1000 a lot cheaper!

Rocking your baby to sleep easily with SleepCarrier

sleep carrierFortunately, I didn’t have crybabies, but my children had a crying hour every evening, around seven o’clock. That was not so bad, because my dear husband was home so we walked in the evening with soft music in the background swaying and dancing in the room with the baby in our arms. Until they finally fell asleep. For all those moments you want to rock your baby to sleep and need a little help there is a new smart product: SleepCarrier from Zweden. It’s possible to lay your baby horizontally in this cradle and after he or she has fallen asleep put your baby in this nest in it’s own bed. Remarkably, the SleepCarrier has a number of additional features: it is also a travel cot for strollers, a babynest for co-sleeping in the parental bed and a playmat at the same time! The product looks great, it is made of sturdy fabric and very nicely finished.

sleep carrier



Finally: the Oilily combi-buggy is here

oilily buggyAfter its introduction in 2013 at the trade fair in Cologne it was silence for a long time at Oilily’s. There was a lot of national and international interest but where were the prams? It all had to do with the production, we were told, there were some issues to tackle. Now this is finished the first models roll of the assembly line this month.
Much attention was paid to the Oilily style and colors for the buggy. The aluminum frames are available in red, blue and yellow, all matching the upholstery.
For the technique Oilily worked together with former CEO of Dorel Juvenile Group Europe, Kees Spreeuwenberg, and design agency npk design. The results are impressive: the stroller can be folded in a smooth motion with one hand. It has an adjustable handle, adjustable footrests and its small turning circle buggy makes it ideal for city life. For small babies there is a travel cot and adapters for a car seat available.

oilily rood blauw geel

Smart solutions for short baby rides

If I look at the nominations for the Baby Innovation Award for the category Travel and Safety, I observe an important trend: they all are smart solutions for transporting your baby. Here they come:

Small, smaller smallest! We had already met the YoYo of Recaro which can be folded up into a small package and can be unfold with one movement, but this Goodbaby Pockit buggy goes one step further. In folded position this buggy only measures 18 x 35 cm, it easily fits into the overhead compartment of the plane, but also in your car, under the seat of a bus or train or at your home in the hallway. So citylife proof! This buggy can be used from the moment your baby is six months old, the buggy weighs 4.3 kilos.
goodbaby pockitgoodbaby pockit

At Kind und Jugend we got a live demo, but please have a close look at this impressive video.

Now we know more about carrying babies in a right way Dutch brand Minimonkey introduces the Sling Unlimited. In this sling babies can be carried in the upright in the ergonomic M-position. In order to prevent children from slipping, there is a special band that runs between the legs. It is even possible to give more space to the baby in the relax mode, for example for breastfeeding!
sling unlimited

And then we have another innovative product from The Netherlands: the Coco Belt! Founder Manon Corts (pictured here) had bruised arms after wearing a car seat with her baby son for miles on the airport. She invented a safety strap for carrying a car seat, had it tested thoroughly, but also found that this product should look stylish and that’s worked out very well. Chapeau for the stylish look! Coco Belt is suitable for all types of baby car seats, also see the video.
Cocobelt baby innovation award