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Latest methods to transport your baby!

Last week you could read about the nominees for the Baby Innovation Award 2016. After this first juryround another two rounds will follow, soon you can vote online for these innovations and mid-January a juryday of mums will vote live for their favorites. So we have to wait a little while for knowing the winners. But how nice is it to know more about these top innovations? I will tell you more about these in parts, so each category, and I start with Mobility!

A few years ago Greentom launched its first green stroller. Tricycle Greentom UPP 360 is the successor. Real Dutch Design and the first global steps have been made. I am impressed by the charming plans of Greentom. Companies often talk about sustainability, but the execution takes a lot of time. Greentom is really making progress. Many strollers consist of up to 400 parts. Greentom UPP of only 28. That means less production, fewer assembling and you can also do the assembling in the country of production, so less transport and logistics costs, says founder and designer Bart Bost. In addition, all parts are made of bioplastic and recycled polypropylene. Maybe some consumers have to get used to the new look, but I’m a fan and as a consumer you definitely make a statement along the street!
Greentom upp

Another stroller who stole the show during the jury day is the Egg of BabyStyle. Not only its beautiful design with protective form was appreciated by the jury. The compactness of it is remarkable. As first time mum you buy this stroller, but with a second child on the way, you don’t have to buy another duo stroller. With a smart adapter you transform it very easily to a tandem stroller without changing its stylish look and suitable for different combinations of travel cots, car seats and toddler seats.
egg strolleregg stroller tandem

Do you know the problem of taking your baby carseat in and out of the car? And to o carry it from A to B until your arms are bruised? Think about the airport where you have to walk kilometers with a car seat on your arm. Simple Parenting came up with a solution and developed the Doona +; a car seat and stroller in one! Useful for short trips, and no more lugging.


The car seat industry is constantly changing. Not only because of the changes of i-Size for safer transport, but also in terms of ergonomics and comfort. The Modular of BeSafe scored points because it provides a solution for a baby car seat and group 1 seat for rearface transport using the same base. This fact is not new, but variably setting of the legspace is. Of course you can promote parents to transport their children rearfacing as long as possible, there should also be a solution to the ever-lengthening bones of our children! In Scandinavia the brand BeSafe can do this like no other, in Scandinavia children are transported this way for more than 25 years.

besafe modularbesafe modular2

Carseat Cloud Q Plus of Cybex is for use in your car. But outside you can use it as a small carry-cot, so with your baby in an almost flat position. Another special feature is that it grows with the child, there are 11 levels to be set and harness length and seating angle will be automatically adapted!

cybex cloud qcybex cloud q liggend

Baby in Bedouin style at Elodie Details

Elodie details bedouin storiesAfter the birth of your first child you sometimes ask yourself why products look like this, This was also the case with the Swedish Linda Sätterström. She wondered why there were no stylish and fashionable baby products and developed her first product: pacifier chains and she founded the label Elodie Details, named after her daughter. The pacifier chains were very much appreciated by retailers and consumers so she developed more. Meanwhile, the collection includes bibs, bags, footmuffs, diaper bags, backpacks, play clothes and beautiful blankets.
The nice thing is that Elodie Details works with themes in special designs and colors that can be mixed and matched as you like. I like the new collection Bedouin Stories very much: it takes you in mind for the spiritual Sahara with its oriental motifs but then produced in the cool colors of North European countries. In the collection Gilded Grey all gray colors have a gold rim or accents for a rich feeling. Elodie Details show that they have a lot to offer if it concerns designing! Available at baby specialist stores this autumn.

Coming up: allrouder UPPAbaby Vista

uppababy vista strollerAnd again a new stroller from abroad rides into our Dutch landscape! The American UPPAbaby Vista not only looks sleek and sporty, but also offers many extra’s compared to existing stroller brands. If you wish you can place two car seats, two travel cots, two seats or a combination of these in different driving directions on the frame. Very useful if you have a growing family!
When you read the reviews, UPPAbaby Vista also is easy to use. It’s folds in and out very quickly, wheels can be popped on or of and the frame is very light. The carrycot and seat are on a pretty high position on the frame, which is better for your back but also for eye contact with your child! You get a lot of stroller when purchasing: frame, carrycot, toddler seat, adapters, large shopping bag, mosquito netting and rain screens, allso a large SPF 50+ sunshade is inclusive. You only have to choose a nice colour: red, blue, black, beige, gray, dark blue, yellow or purple?
uppababy vista configuraties

Most expensive pram in the world

Silver Cross Balmoral Bespoke babytrendwatcherA stroller a status symbol? Yes of course! Everyone wants to show off their child, and if you can afford it, a stroller may cost some money. Look at world’s most expensive stroller: the Bespoke Balmoral of the English brand Silver Cross. What makes this Silver Cross so special and expensive? It is made by hand; every piece of metal that you see is hand-polished, the C-shaped frame is made by hand and the handle is made of walnut wood. The hood and apron are made of leather and are hand-stitched. In the shop you can choose color frame, cover and handlebar so you can customize it as you wish. The top of luxury is the ability to engrave the name of the child on a special plague on the front. Over the top? Yes, but also fun to watch. This stroller is unique, because it’s one of only fifty unique prams in the world. Interested in this Rolls Royce under the strollers? For 5000 pounds you can be the lucky owner, to be ordered at the luxury department store Harrods.

Stroller becomes longboard stroller

quinny longboard babytrendwatcher

Can you combine the comfort of a stroller with a pleasure of longboarding? Yes, was the opinion of the design department of Quinny. After a few years of testing and fine tuning the product is now ready for the market. Everyone knows what a stroller is, but what is a longboard? For the nitwits among us … it is a kind of skateboard with thicker wheels for more stability.
For sure I see the advantages: you’re on the place of destination with your child in no time and of you definitely attract a lot of attention. So a nice product for sporty parents. He also looks very flashy, the team worked closely with longboard manufacturers. But what about security? He has a strong bumper and a handbrake. The average speed of a longboard stroller is about 15 km per hour, that is something different than a walking speed of 5 km per hour. What about the traffic, unexpected turns or emergency stop? I see the crashes for me, brrr. It is not for nothing that the child wears a helmet!
Therefore, in my opinion the longboardstroller is only suitable for a small group of people who are pro’s in skateboarding or longboarding. That is probably the reason that it is available in a limited edition of 1000 pieces. The stroller costs 599 euro’s and can only be delivered within the European Union. And that probably has to do with the safety rules and tests in other continents. All together a remarkable but risky gadget!