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Time capsule for your baby

brieven aan mijn baby babytrendwatcherThere’s always something magical about the concept of time capsule in my opinion. Why does anyone stops objects and information in a capsule, buries or hides it with the intention to open it in the far future? That’s inspiration for film producers, right? Until I saw these time capsules for your child! ‘Letters to my baby’ is a cheerful designed book with a bundle of letters. The idea is to write down your thoughts, feelings and dreams until your baby is one year old. That’s something different than filling out a dull ‘baby’s first year book! The nice thing is that you can determine the time when your child may break the seals to read all your dreams! I think a 18th or 21st birthday can be a good opportunity. Or better, wait until your child is getting married or having his or hers first baby? Nice for a baby shower gift!

Inspiration for you and your baby on King’s Day

Oranje-2015I still have to get used to celebrate King’s Day, because I used to celebrate Queens Day the day after my birthday. Now I celebrate King’s Day a few days earlier! But one thing has remained: it is a free day for everyone that we celebrate with the color orange that is so connected to our royal family. A little history lesson: William I (also known as William the Silent and William of Orange) inherited the principality of Orange in southern France by his nephew at a young age. William also received the title Prince of Orange and that’s why we celebrate King’s Day all in orange, though that is a little out of hand the last years. Tourists that visit our country, don’t get it all the time…. On this special day, the streets color orange, we eat orange pastry, drink orange drinks, wear orange clothes, wigs and glasses. Our children should not stay behind. Therefore, a cute orange collage with products for you and your baby for inspiration! I wish you a great King’s Day!
1. Loopie extra hand for the pram or buggy of Kleine Dreumes 2. Iplay swimming trunks 3. Sono carseat of Casual Play 4. Greentom recyclable stroller 5. teether Bo Jungle 6. sleeping bag Crazy by Babyboum 7. bib of Tis 8. Dikkiedik cuddle 9. Ubbi nappy bucket 10. Zoocchini bathcape.

Technical highlights in baby textiles

rapife romper met opdruk die verkleurtOccasionally I see handy gadgets which I could certainly have used when my children were babies. Such as a baby romper whose imprint discolors when your baby has fever? Invented by the Spanish manufacturer, made from beautiful cotton and I think it looks beautiful.
The Mimo Baby romper with sensors in the form of a bright green line that ends in a turtle doesn’t deserve the beauty prize, but it’s technique is impressive. Invented by Rest Devices in collaboration with Intel technology. The sensors Mimo babyromper met sensormeasures the location and temperature of your baby but also how often your baby moves. With an app on iOS and Android, you can always monitor your child.
And imagine that you never have to check if you have to change your baby? You simply get a signal when the diaper is too wet or too full. Professor Takao Someya of the University of Tokyo invented a diaper with sensors which can be applied with inkjet luier met sensortechnology on a diaper. Useful or useless? Well, this may be going a bit far and an experienced mother can feel or smell quickly whether a diaper needs to be changed, and otherwise your child will make clear to you that clean pants are needed, but it’s funny stuff. So definitely a tip for innovation for large diaper manufacturers like Huggies, Pampers and Libero.

Tradeshow Pink & Blue rocks with new labels

pink and blue beursBetween a journey to a tradeshow in Madrid and trip to Nice fortunately I found time to visit the Pink & Blue Kids Trade Fair. For this edition the exhibition organisers worked together with the Trade Mart Utrecht. The fair was completely styled in New York spheres with funny attributes, free finger food and smoothies and in the middle a real oldies pram catwalk. Unfortunately I haven’t seen much real ‘babyhardware’, but for those who are looking for nice presents and original products to style the nursery this fair was definitely worth a visit!

wollie wolk babytrendwatcher
I would like to put a couple of new brands in the spotlight: Wollie Wolk showed surprising and very hip footmuffs made of hip design fabrics but lined with real wool because this kind of fabric is natural, moisturizing and breathable. You can choose from models with trendy zebra fabric, tough denim, tough Tartan designs, fine knits or fake furs. According to the founders Ellen Cooper and Madelon Bouwman these are really footmuffs with which you want to be seen. It’s nice to know that all models are produced in a limited edition. I suspect we will hear much more from these ladies!

pink blue dining kids babytrendwatcher
Dining Kids Amsterdam is known for the development, manufacture and supply of products for the catering, think of coloring pages, crayons in a box, with or without the name of the restaurant. But food and drinks for children should be much more according the two men behind Dining Kids. So Joris and Jorden developed a new children’s crockery full of humor made of real porcelain. Such as the Fishing Bowl with a fishing line, when the bowl is empty children will discover what’s on the line! Or have a look at the maze on the pizza plate!
pure kids bamboe servies bij babytrendwatcherpure kids bamboe servies babytrendwatcher

Also special in the area of ​​food and drinks is the sustainable Pure Kids tableware made ​​of bamboo! Cheerful, colorful and child friendly. It cannot be put in the microwave however but the washing machine is no problem.

babytrendwatcher zoocchiniFinally I spotted a new original label: Zoocchini! The collection consists of funny bathcapes with animal heads as hood and dangerous claws! Available in baby and children’s size and have a close look at the packaging!

Design meets functionality with high chair SUPAflat

supaflat 1 babytrendwatcher

Design meets functionality with high chair SUPAflat

Looking for a high chair for your child? As a parent you look at things such as quality, safety and ease to use. All important features and important for a good high chair. But as a parent you would like the chair to look good and you prefer an attractive design that fits in your modern interior. SUPAflat chair is designed by Kai Stania, known as designer for Rolf Benz. He chose a chair with sleek design and one that is easy to fold and put away, because let’s face it, sometimes a high chair can be standing in the way, or you simply don’t have enough room for it. Now there are folding highchairs on the market for a quite a long time, but I have never seen one that you can fold in such a flat way: only 4 cm in folded condition! Obviously this chair is quite
light and easy to carry, so very convenient to take for a visit or with