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Safe sleeping on these two new baby mattresses

babymatras angelcareThere are two new interesting baby mattresses on the market that I would like to introduce. Parents spend a lot of time and money searching for a nursery but a good mattress is much more important, think of all the hours your baby sleeps and plays on it! The first baby matrass is the Angel Care mattress. This mattress provides good air circulation through the 3D airmesh top layer, so also safe in case your child turns on his belly. This baby mattress is also moisture resistant, anti-dust mite so it helps prevent your child developing an allergy. The covers are easy to unzip and can be washed at 60 degrees. The coating is Oeko-Tex certified and absolutely friendly to the delicate skin of your baby. This mattress can be used separately but is also the best combination with the famous movement monitor and baby monitor from Angelcare.

babymatras natuurlijk merensDo you prefer natural materials? The Dutch company Mérens has put all its knowledge and experience in the development of a complete new baby mattress made of natural materials. The baby mattress is made of mini pockets, organic cotton, wool of Dutch sheeps and it has an eco cotton ticking for an excellent ventilation. This mattress was nominated for the Green Award of the Baby Innovation Award in The Netherlands so a good alternative if you want to make a sustainable choice.


Babynest: cute but use them safely!

babynest done by deerYou see them more and more in the market: baby nests. For those who do not know what a babynest is; it’s a kind of mattress with raised edges or bumpers where you can put the baby to have a rest and to play, preferably without too much distraction. Babynests can be used in the box, on the ground, in the carrycot, in the cradle or in the bed, and between the parents in the parental bed. There is a lot of breeding going on because you see more and more babynests appear at the market in nice designs and beautiful color schemes: Sleepyhead (image below), Filibabba image middle), Jollein, Hoxton, Done by Deer (image above)… and they are offered by a lot of online shops. If you are creative, you can even make one yourself with a pattern online.
babynest filababba

How to use a babynest?

You put your baby with his head in the most round part and your baby’s feet are at the bottom between the two ends which are held together with a string or ribbon.
A babynest can certainly prove his service; but the problem lies in the fact that they are used as a sleeping place and are used in cradles and cribs. And this can be dangerous. The raised edges are filled with synthetic padding and can be a risk for your child because he or she can roll over with his face against the bumpers with the risk of suffocation … The strings can be dangerous for your baby too. VeiligheidNL is not in favor of head protection, sleeping items and big soft toys in baby’s bed and discourages the use of a babynest as place to sleep, also in the parental bed. There are better solutions such as a cosleeper next to your bed. So please, let’s take the advice to heart, because of better standards the number of SIDS cases has increased dramatically in The Netherlands.

Advice how to use a babynest

So if you want to buy one: make sure the fabric and filling of air-permeable material and that strings etc. are well concealed. A small nap for your baby is ok, but don’t use a babynest as a sleeping space for your child in crib and cot. And how protective a babynest may seem, make sure you always keep an eye on your baby!

Image baby in light blue babynest: Little Pumpkin
babynest sleepyhead