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Hip new baby toys

oli carol

Looking for new baby toys? In this blog I give you some ideas for new and interesting toys for your baby or toddler!
Very beautiful are the new toys of the Spanish label Oli & Carol. They are made of organic rubber and biodegradable. It is also ok with the pigments because this toy is colored with safe dyes from foods. There are Oli & Carol teethers, toys, cars, boats and a nice retro line.

skip hop baby speelgoed

Also worth mentioning is the new range of Skip Hop. There is a push toy, rattle, phone and stack tower with owls motif. For all young musicians there is a bee rattle a hedgehog accordion and clickclack hedgehog.

fresk baby speelgoedThe brand Fresk introduces its own toy collection that blends nicely with the beautiful designs of their textile and accessory line. There are nice stacking blocks for training the fine motor skills and learning colors, animals, numbers and letters.
Finished playing? For easy storage there are storage baskets and boxes of Lässig. All made from eco-friendly material and by buying you support charity too. You can choose from different prints: a fox, deer, crocodile, shark, elephant, tortoise or birdie!

lassig opbergmand

lassig opbergmand 3

lassig opbergmand 5lassig opbergmand 2

Diving with Marco in the bathtub!

boon badspeelgoed marcoYou probably already know the brand Boon? Every time they manage to surprise me with beautifully designed and useful products. Now there are some new bath toys. My boys could spend hours playing in the bathtub with their boats, cars, superman and other action figures, in miniature, of course. With these bathtoys they experienced the wildest adventures!
Chomb is a whopper of a whale that opens its mouth with a push of the tail to scoop sea creatures out of the water. The water runs away through the holes in the belly. But what I really find nice is Marco, a small diver that always keeps his head above the water. As Marco’s feet get wet, a light goes on in his helmet and changes color. How cute is that? Ready, steady, dive!

boon badspeelgoed marcoboon badspeelgoed whopper

New toys for racing or sleeping

Looking for a new toy for your baby or toddler? Take a look at the nominations for the category Toys & Gifts of the Baby Innovation Award!

I still remember how proud my sons were when their grandfather gave them a real go-kart, not one made of plastic, but from real metal, in bright blue, with pneumatic tires, adjustable seat and a firm steering. A trailer was inclusive. They had so much fun with it riding on the wide sidewalks in our neighborhood with their friends. Until they were too big for this friend and he was left alone in the garage. Fortunately we could make another family happy with it. Berg Toys now comes with a tough go-kart for the little ones named Buzzy go-kart, especially for children from 2 to 5 years. Children can learn to step on this solid go-kart and back pedaling. Seems like a great gift for boys and girls to me!

berg buzzy

Also good for the development of the movement of children is the new walker Bontoy Friendimal in the shape of a kind whale. Unique is the way you can use it; for toddlers from 18 months in the low position, but later on with a higher set. Nice design and can be used until your child is 8 years old!

bontoys friendimal

Is your little one still comfortable in the cradle or crib than doomoo Spooky is recommended. This soft cuddly toy is also a night light which radiates a nice soft light. The light turns off automatically after 10 minutes. If your baby starts to cry, Spooky starts to shine again. I like this specially because you can use the cuddly toy or nightlight separately.

doomoo spookydoomoo spooky

Alternative for colored plastic toys which give you a headache

Our new house was stylish, with tightly painted walls, a nice rug and sofas in the living room. Everything in perfectly matching colours. But a few years late, our house looked very different: there was a box, a highchair and bouncer, a toy table and chair, and every year more and more toys came into our house…. purchased by ourselves but often as a gift. Childrens don’t play neatly in a corner, but drag the toys all around the house. So sometimes it seemed as a big colored plastic bomb had exploded. Everywhere there toys blinking, moving and making noise in the most dreadful primary colors. Colours that gave you a headache. Not so nice to come home after a busy day. Where was our stylish and calming interior?
I know mothers who clean up the toys all day long, but that’s not me. I wiped the entire toy clutter at the end of the afternoon together and stuffed in in the toy box. But why are those dreadful bright colors needed, I wonder? Can it be somewhat softer? Fortunately, there are alternatives, have a look at these wonderful examples of wooden toys. An idea for Saintaclaus or Christmas!

sirch design poppenhuis
Poppenhuis Sirch Design
Houten loopwagen Moulin Roty April and May
Houten loopwagen Moulin Roty April and May
Speelgoedbeesten Kid O
kid o speelgoed beesten
Candylab Woodie Camper
Candylab Woodie Camper
houten racebaan Ikonic toys
Houten racebaan Ikonic Toys
Uncle Goose wooden monsterblocks
Uncle Goose wooden monsterblocks

Meet the Milestone family

milestone cards twinAfter the introduction of the Milestone Baby Cards it went ‘crescendo’ with these cute gift cards which you can use to capture important moments in your baby’s first year. Meanwhile these cards have been copied by other (house) brands. But they are nothing compared to these original cards with his beautiful illustrations.

Now the Milestone family has grown. Besides the original babycards there are Minicards to capture the first words and phrases, and there is a special Miffy edition. New are the Baby Cards Twins; especially for parents of twins with special cards for important twin moments. Such as the first time your little ones smile at each other and both sleep the whole milestone cardsnight. You simply put a date on these cards, take a picture of the baby with the card and voilà, milestone immortalized. When your baby gets bigger, you can proceed with the Toddler Cards. Personally, I like the baby cards the most because in terms of development so much happens in your baby’s first year!