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Never afraid in the dark with doomoo cuddly ghost with light

doomoo spookyI have seen two new, cuddly products from the brand doomoo, known from the doomoo seat, the multipurpose pouf from infant to toddler. The doomoo snoogy is a warming cuddle in the shape of a turtle. He has a removable cushion with rapeseed that you can reheat in the microwave. The cuddle give warmth and lavender creates a delicate and soothing scent. Ideal if your baby has problems with colic.
doomoo spookyThe doomoo spooky is a hug with built-in night light, see picture. This light has a reassuring effect on infants and young children at bedtime or when they wake up. When you press the cuddle it will give light for 10 minutes and then goes into standby mode. Even if your baby cries doomoo spooky starts to radiate spontaneously and is reactivated. Nice to know: you can use the two parts separately: as cuddly and as designlight that you can charge with a USB cable. Is doomoo spooky dirty? The light module can be cleaned with a damp rag, the cuddly toy in the washing machine.

Crayon Rocks help develop the fine motor skills

crayon rocksCrayon Rocks are special crayons developed by the American teacher Barbara Lee who worked in a school with children with a physical or emotional disability. These Crayon Rocks help toddlers and young infants develop their fine motor skills; important to learn to write well. Crayons are one of the first tools that children use in learning to write. The special pebble shape fit right between the thumb and two fingers of the small children’s hands. They automatically teach children the right writing posture! Crayon Rocks are made from soybeans, so durable and for the different colors natural plant pigments are used. We tried it here and the colourful pebbles look so nice and work fine!

Artistic pacifiers inspired by Keith Haring

keith haring fopspeen difrax

You probably have heard of the artist Keith Haring. This American artist is known for his pop art and graffiti art. One of the characters is ‘Radiant Baby’. He used this symbol in its first years of his artistic life as a kind of signature in many of his works. He saw Radiant Baby as the purest and most positive experience of human existence. On the tradeshow Kind + Jugend in Cologne Difrax launched in the presence of Dutch painter (it was nice to see him making a painting in such a short time) a new collection pacifiers inspired by Radiant Baby. The unique butterfly-shaped pacifiers are sold in five sizes at PrĂ©natal stores. Nice to give your baby some art! It’s also nice to learn that of each sold pacifier one Euro is donated to the Keith Haring Foundation which is dedicated to children affected by HIV/AIDS. Do you want to see more about Keith Haring? The exhibition Keith Haring, the Political Line can be attended until February 7, 2016 in the Kunsthal Rotterdam.

difrax keith haring fopspenen

Shiny retro cars to play with

playforever auto racewagenWow! was my reaction on seeing the shiny cars of Play Forever. You already smell the burning rubber and see the checkered flag fluttering. These race cars are totally retro and based on old hot rods and racing cars at Le Mans. These toys are extremely strong, the wheels are rolling very well and children can spend hours playing with it!

playforever, auto rood, racewagen

Time capsule for your baby

brieven aan mijn baby babytrendwatcherThere’s always something magical about the concept of time capsule in my opinion. Why does anyone stops objects and information in a capsule, buries or hides it with the intention to open it in the far future? That’s inspiration for film producers, right? Until I saw these time capsules for your child! ‘Letters to my baby’ is a cheerful designed book with a bundle of letters. The idea is to write down your thoughts, feelings and dreams until your baby is one year old. That’s something different than filling out a dull ‘baby’s first year book! The nice thing is that you can determine the time when your child may break the seals to read all your dreams! I think a 18th or 21st birthday can be a good opportunity. Or better, wait until your child is getting married or having his or hers first baby? Nice for a baby shower gift!