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Innovations in baby- and childrencare

And what are the top innovations in the category Care of the Baby Innovation Award election?

I’m not such a mom who vacuum cleans the whole day. Such a waste of my time. In my opinion children are allowed to build up a bit of resistance, so their hands don’t need to be constantly disinfected as TV commercials let you believe. But from time to time, those dirty little hands need a good wash. This Squid Soap teaches children to wash their hands in a playful way. By pushing down the pump a little dot of ink is stamped on their hands. You can instruct your children to wash their until the dot disappears. That’s good for the hygiene and the mood! It would be even better if soap and bottle were made of eco-friendly materials.
squidsoapIn general pacifiers can be helpful if your baby has a great need to suck or need to be comforted, but at some points they become little dirty things … Because pacifiers often consist of several parts there is a high risk of bacterial growth in the seams. That’s not what you want for your baby! Philips Avent comes with Soothie pacifier made from one piece of flexible silicone. Seamless and you can put it into the dishwasher! With an orthodontic shaped teat with regard to the development of the teeth and a funny bear snoat shape.
soothie philips aventAnd what about this nomination: Silverette nipple covers! Cracked nipples, nipple infections, sore nipples, thrush …. nasty conditions that can spoil your period of breastfeeding. Of course you can muddle with gels, creams and compresses, but in this way the whole will just go sweltering. Each wound that is composed to air is a good thing. These nipple covers give air to the sore nipple so they can heal better. In addition, traditional silver has an anti-bacterial and antiviral activity. An old proven method with a new look!

Artistic pacifiers inspired by Keith Haring

keith haring fopspeen difrax

You probably have heard of the artist Keith Haring. This American artist is known for his pop art and graffiti art. One of the characters is ‘Radiant Baby’. He used this symbol in its first years of his artistic life as a kind of signature in many of his works. He saw Radiant Baby as the purest and most positive experience of human existence. On the tradeshow Kind + Jugend in Cologne Difrax launched in the presence of Dutch painter (it was nice to see him making a painting in such a short time) a new collection pacifiers inspired by Radiant Baby. The unique butterfly-shaped pacifiers are sold in five sizes at PrĂ©natal stores. Nice to give your baby some art! It’s also nice to learn that of each sold pacifier one Euro is donated to the Keith Haring Foundation which is dedicated to children affected by HIV/AIDS. Do you want to see more about Keith Haring? The exhibition Keith Haring, the Political Line can be attended until February 7, 2016 in the Kunsthal Rotterdam.

difrax keith haring fopspenen

Helpful aid for natural childbirth: CUB!

CUB babytrendwatcherIf you are pregnant you also think about how you want to give birth: conventional in bed, on the bar stool, or in the water? Now there is a new product on the market that will give midwives and mothers giving birth a helping hand: the CUB, an inflatable chair. For women giving birth it is sometimes difficult to find a good position … sitting, kneeling, hanging, leaning forward; with the CUB almost all positions are possible to deal with the contractions. With the CUB you can look for a position that is pleasing to you. ‘A vertical position increases your further space in the pelvis and this can lead to a smoother delivery with less complications’ is promised in the manual. It can also be used during pregnancy and if you don’t need it anymore, you just let the air escape. Looks pretty handy to me but I just do not know how it feels to sit on it with a bare lower CUB 2 babytrendwatcherbody, perhaps it’s better to use a towel to avoid a sticky bottom? And what about stability? No woman wants to have contractions on a wobbly ‘inflatable band’ with the chance to roll off. But the photo’s are promising and the dual air chambers will certainly help. Well, it seems to me a matter of trying and gather experiences!

Teach little boys to pee like a tough guy

Happy Pee, Jippies, babytrendwatcherweepot-maguari-babytrendwatcherHeard on the news? There is a sticker campaign going on to persuade men to urinate while sitting, which is better for the pelvic muscles but also causes less splashes. Immediately an expert appeared in the news who found it ridiculous that men should urinate sitting only to please women. ‘There are simply things for men and things for women, was his answer, women should not interfere.’ I saw that this gentleman was not very tall. Does he has any idea how big the distance to a toilet bowl is if a man measures, say a meter or two in length? This will definitely result in a splash zone. That’s why in some families men are kindly asked to sit down. Yes, you’re right, I speak from Babyhood urinoir A3 babytrendwatcherexperience. Let’s not forget that in The Netherlands (and some other countries), men are becoming taller and taller, so you can have your fun with cleaning the toilet!
So I would say, take a close look at your family and see if your kids have a chance to become tall or not. If that’s not the case, you can safely offer little boys these fun gadgets with which you can learn them to pee like a tough guy!

Images: Happy Pee (Jippie’s), Weepot (Maguari), jongensurinoir Babyhood (A3)

Technical highlights in baby textiles

rapife romper met opdruk die verkleurtOccasionally I see handy gadgets which I could certainly have used when my children were babies. Such as a baby romper whose imprint discolors when your baby has fever? Invented by the Spanish manufacturer, made from beautiful cotton and I think it looks beautiful.
The Mimo Baby romper with sensors in the form of a bright green line that ends in a turtle doesn’t deserve the beauty prize, but it’s technique is impressive. Invented by Rest Devices in collaboration with Intel technology. The sensors Mimo babyromper met sensormeasures the location and temperature of your baby but also how often your baby moves. With an app on iOS and Android, you can always monitor your child.
And imagine that you never have to check if you have to change your baby? You simply get a signal when the diaper is too wet or too full. Professor Takao Someya of the University of Tokyo invented a diaper with sensors which can be applied with inkjet luier met sensortechnology on a diaper. Useful or useless? Well, this may be going a bit far and an experienced mother can feel or smell quickly whether a diaper needs to be changed, and otherwise your child will make clear to you that clean pants are needed, but it’s funny stuff. So definitely a tip for innovation for large diaper manufacturers like Huggies, Pampers and Libero.