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Solution for the disposable juice boxes: Juice in the Box!

babytrendwatcher Juice in the BoxThis weekend I visited tradeshow kleine fabriek in Amsterdam, always a nice event for making contacts, gaining ideas and sniff some news! On this fair I ran into this Juice in the Box. What is it?
Think of all those disposable drink packages that end up in the garbage, not so good for our environment and usually filled with a lot of sugar so unhealthy for our children. The designers of Juice in the Box were looking for a good alternative. One that is reusable, can be taken anywhere, wil not break easily and is dishwasher safe. A juice box which you can fill with (homemade) juices or plain water with a slice of lemon or orange for flavor. Healthy and cheap and you give the environment a helping hand!
Chapeau to the designers; this Juice in the Box has a leakproof closure, is easy to clean, is toxin free and has nice looks too. Many mothers will like this, I am sure!

Cupcatcher: solution for flying bottles and cups

cupcatcher babytrendwatcher 1You know the phenomenon of little ones who like to throw things away? They told me that children do this to make things ‘disappear’ or to attract attention. This is not so bad when it concerns a book or toy, but with a bottle of milk or porridge it is a different story. My youngest one was such a child. He used to throw his bottle away suddenly after drinking it before bedtime, sometimes almost empty, sometimes half full … I still do not know why he did this; was to attract attention? Did he wanted to make it disappear, or was it just a little game for him? brilli baby cupcatcher babytrendwatcherAnyway,there appeared more and more dirty stains on our carpet that were so difficult to clean. My husband and I thought it over to develop something that prevents bottles to be thrown away, but it remained an idea. But this smart inventor really did something with this problem! The Cup Catcher of Brilli Baby is designed in the USA. Design looks good, nice colours too. Ideal for use at home but also for the use in a buggy, stroller or car. Of course you can also use it for a toy! Hopefully soon available in The Netherlands.

Inventive Gummee Glove

gummy glove babytrendwatcherSmall children often have difficulty with holding toys but do want to bring something to their mouths to suck on. If this fails, they can get pretty frustrated or chew on their own hands making the skin sore. It could also be that your baby is already getting teeth, sometimes in such an early stage that you don’t even notice it. The baby of the creator of the Gummee Glove even got a back tooth instead of a front teeth! When her son started to suck on his sock very happily, they penny dropped. She invented the Gummee Glove! Ideal for little babies with large bite needs, but not yet able to bring toys or teething rings to their mouth. Also ideal for mom because she doesn’t have to pick up toys that are thrown away by their baby. The Gummee Glove is fastened with Velcro to baby’s wrist and the cheerful bite toys attached to the Gummee Glove will do the rest. There is also a removable teething ring which you can cool down in the fridge. A well invented product, now waiting for the launch in the Netherlands!

Silver caps helps with breastfeeding

zilverkapje silvercap babytrendwatcherInstead of a romantic picture while breastfeeding your child, you are getting problems like sore nipples … ahhhh, horror! Despite all the information and guidance (because knowing how to breastfeed with your baby the right position can prevent much suffering!) it is still possible that you are feeding in a tense way because of cracked nipples. In that case only ointments are prescribed in The Netherlands. But in Italy, Switzerland and England mothers often use silver caps. These silver shields with pure silver are put on the nipples in your bra between feedings. So they are not comparable to the flexible nipple shields that are used during the feeding! Maybe it sounds a little strange if you’ve never heard of it, but silver is traditionally known for its antibacterial and healing properties. Silver is still used today in watertanks of aircrafts zilverkapje silvercap babytrendwatcher.jpgagainst pollution and some refrigerators are equipped with a silver-containing coating to reduce mold. Also on the skin silver works antibacterial. Adelheid Hiemstra comes from Italy and decided to import these silver caps from Italy to The Netherlands to introduce these to Dutch mothers. Only mothers who are allergic to silver (which is a very small part of the population) can better leave these caps for what they are. The metal of the silver caps have a cooling effect, air is created for the healing of the nipple and there are mothers who find that they are leaking less. You can wear the caps between the feedings, but also at night. Cleaning is simple under the tap and if the baby time has passed, you can save them for the next baby or melt the silver to a beautiful jewelry as a souvenir!

Independent learning drink Babycup

Babycup leren drinken babytrendwatcher

I just got back from a short holiday on Sicily! I enjoyed a few days of sun, rides with our rented Fiat 500, delicious food and sniffing some culture. Unfortunately, I have some bad memories of our flight Amsterdam – Catania. Behind us there was a foreign familiy: mother with two little children, next to the aisle there was her partner with their youngest child of 1,5 years old. We had to get up early and tried to get some sleep, but that was not easy with trampling children in the back of our seats and very loud voices. We were not too hard on them, as you know what it is when you are traveling with small children. Up to one hour before landing … then the youngest child started to scream and didn’t stop until we landed. The poor father tried everything but he failed to calm his son who cried himself completely upset and only wanted to go to his mother. While all passengers were wondering what was going on, the mother pretended not to hear anything, she just kept her eyes closed! When we finally managed to catch her eye, she shouted at us: ‘What is your problem?‘ A very strange occurrence, especially when the father apologized that his son probably suffered from earache. Didn’t the parents know that in this case you should give your child a pacifier or something to drink? By swallowing movements, the pressure on the ears disappears, if that was the case because I am not sure…
So for all the mothers and fathers who travel by plane with their baby and small children, take pacifier or a bottle along with you, but also have a look at thess new and trendy, colored baby cups for small mouths! Your baby will learn to sip rather than suck and you also learn your child to drink independently! It is also good for development of the jaw and much better for their teeth!