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If you’re a fan of James Bond you know Aston Martin. This British super car was introduced in the classic movie ‘Die Another Day’ and won various prizes with its striking design. A dream for many men (and perhaps women!); he drove nearly 310 km per hour, reached a speed of 100 km per hour within 5 seconds and driving felt as you were driving a Formula 1 car. For this speed demon you had to pay a small 370.000 euro.
Now the British stroller brand Silver Cross has a beautiful partnership with Aston Martin. The result is the Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition and we saw it shine at Kind + Jugend in Cologne. The costs for this British luxury are a lot less than the real Aston Martin engine, ‘only’ 3.040 euro and the running speed is, unfortunately, only 5 miles per hour.
Now from an established name in de automotive and technology I expected something special, but that is disappointing. It is a complete travel system with a frame that folds flat, adjustable seat for use facing forward or reverse and a carrycot that can be used from birth. But isn’t that the case with a lot of strollers nowadays? The basket really is a minus: you cannot store a loaf of bread into it.
In terms of looks the Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition scores a lot better: the stroller is finished with beautiful leather, Alcantara lining, aluminum rims that look like the Aston Martin One 77 and of course decorated with the famous Aston Martin wings. Available in black gray and white-gray version at some exclusive department stores worldwide including Harrods in England in a limited edition of 800 pieces. Reservation is recommended.


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