oilily buggyAfter its introduction in 2013 at the trade fair in Cologne it was silence for a long time at Oilily’s. There was a lot of national and international interest but where were the prams? It all had to do with the production, we were told, there were some issues to tackle. Now this is finished the first models roll of the assembly line this month.
Much attention was paid to the Oilily style and colors for the buggy. The aluminum frames are available in red, blue and yellow, all matching the upholstery.
For the technique Oilily worked together with former CEO of Dorel Juvenile Group Europe, Kees Spreeuwenberg, and design agency npk design. The results are impressive: the stroller can be folded in a smooth motion with one hand. It has an adjustable handle, adjustable footrests and its small turning circle buggy makes it ideal for city life. For small babies there is a travel cot and adapters for a car seat available.

oilily rood blauw geel

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