fabulous mama baby innovation awardA nice part of the Baby Innovation Award election is the Mama jury day where mothers from all over the country can see, feel and try out all nominated products. Yesterday was D-day. After a morning of heavy lifting and checking the items, the first mothers trickled in. They were selected by fabulous mama & family for this live experience! In the group were pregnant mothers, mothers who left their child at home and mothers who had taken their baby or toddler with them. The youngest baby was only three weeks old! Of course there was time for fun and there was laughter, but it always amazes me how seriously mothers are with their jury duties. And they ask critical questions such as: here a splinter came off, is that right? Isn’t this article on the market already? How does this carseat works? What’s innovative about it? Etc.
In between snacks and drinks were consumed, babies were breastfeaded and photographs and a film were made. All mothers received a stuffed goodie bag trom Rianne Portegies of fabulous mama to take home with them included a ticket for the Nine Months Fair in February. Then it was time for us to pack everything and drive home. Tired but very satisfied!

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