beebo handsfree fles 1I saw this new product at ABC’s Shark Tank in America, where entrepreneurs present their innovation to a group of investors. After the pitch two investors chose to do business with the founders of Beebo, a handsfree bottle holder. An opportunity for a very profitable product. What is Beebo exactly? Beebo is a small mat made of soft foam that you put on one of your shoulders. It has a rotable element in which you can put a wide or narrow bottle. This is well done because now you can determine both the height and the direction of the feeding. In this way you can give the baby the bottle without having to hold it. So you have time to read your child a story, stroking or massaging your baby or even have a meal. So say the founders.

Advantages and disadvantages of Beebo

I immediately see the benefits. Such as bottle feeding twins (I still see my sister and mother of twins struggling with towel rolls), or if you can’t hold the bottle because of medical reasons. But that’s all. As a mother and as an expert I dislike it very much if you cannot spend several minutes quality time with your baby. Time to make eye contact, to have physical contact and really just have one on one contact with your baby. No, we’d rather put a device between it so you can work behind a PC or laptop, we don’t want to wait with our own meals and want to have our hands free to be accessible online 24/7 for Facebook and Whatsapps from our friends. Also the images I see don’t make me happy: baby gets air when drinking, baby chews on teat instead of sucking … If that’s the way to feed our babies nowadays then parenting is something to worry about. Or am I wrong?

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