Oranje-2015I still have to get used to celebrate King’s Day, because I used to celebrate Queens Day the day after my birthday. Now I celebrate King’s Day a few days earlier! But one thing has remained: it is a free day for everyone that we celebrate with the color orange that is so connected to our royal family. A little history lesson: William I (also known as William the Silent and William of Orange) inherited the principality of Orange in southern France by his nephew at a young age. William also received the title Prince of Orange and that’s why we celebrate King’s Day all in orange, though that is a little out of hand the last years. Tourists that visit our country, don’t get it all the time…. On this special day, the streets color orange, we eat orange pastry, drink orange drinks, wear orange clothes, wigs and glasses. Our children should not stay behind. Therefore, a cute orange collage with products for you and your baby for inspiration! I wish you a great King’s Day!
1. Loopie extra hand for the pram or buggy of Kleine Dreumes 2. Iplay swimming trunks 3. Sono carseat of Casual Play 4. Greentom recyclable stroller 5. teether Bo Jungle 6. sleeping bag Crazy by Babyboum 7. bib of Tis 8. Dikkiedik cuddle 9. Ubbi nappy bucket 10. Zoocchini bathcape.

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