gummy glove babytrendwatcherSmall children often have difficulty with holding toys but do want to bring something to their mouths to suck on. If this fails, they can get pretty frustrated or chew on their own hands making the skin sore. It could also be that your baby is already getting teeth, sometimes in such an early stage that you don’t even notice it. The baby of the creator of the Gummee Glove even got a back tooth instead of a front teeth! When her son started to suck on his sock very happily, they penny dropped. She invented the Gummee Glove! Ideal for little babies with large bite needs, but not yet able to bring toys or teething rings to their mouth. Also ideal for mom because she doesn’t have to pick up toys that are thrown away by their baby. The Gummee Glove is fastened with Velcro to baby’s wrist and the cheerful bite toys attached to the Gummee Glove will do the rest. There is also a removable teething ring which you can cool down in the fridge. A well invented product, now waiting for the launch in the Netherlands!

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