kinderveiligheid groot BUDDY babytrendwatcherDid you know that as a result of private, sport, work or traffic accidents 250.000 children aged 0 to 18 years are treated each year at first aid in hospitals? That’s approximately 700 children per day! Falls are the main concern, followed by poisoning, burning, choking and drowning. Other hard figures: about 20% of parents leave their child sometimes unattended on the changing table and 50% of parents put their babies not in a chair on the ground, but on an elevation place, 22% of all children under six months have fallen and 60% of the parents don’t have safety locks on their window!
At the National Congress for Child Safety I saw pictures of a fall of a baby from a changing table; a child’s head is heavy so they always fall on their heads. The effect is like a dent in a ping-pong ball … so that can be the shocking result if you leave your child unattended… Of course a few bumps and bruises is normal when growing up, but severe fractures and burning is a whole different story.
Every parent wants his child to grow up safely and knows that he has to place stair gates, window locks and to have cleaning products and medicines locked up. But are we doing this as parents? A survey under parents shows that this is not the case. 80% of parents do have a stair gate but only 50% uses it. 75% of respondents locks up their medications and 60% their cleaning stuff. How is this possible? They reasons parents give: some parents don’t see the point, others say they do not know how to do this, or they find it a hassle, or they wait until their baby crawls etc.
When it comes to child safety in Europe, Netherlands does a great job, only Norway is doing better. As a result of good prevention the infant mortality rates have dropped enormously, but the number of accidents due to falls of children 0 to 18 year old, is rising. So there is still much to be gained. And if you can make the environment of your child a little safer, for example by a stair or window locks that only costs some dollars, why wouldn’t you do it?

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