quinny longboard babytrendwatcher

Can you combine the comfort of a stroller with a pleasure of longboarding? Yes, was the opinion of the design department of Quinny. After a few years of testing and fine tuning the product is now ready for the market. Everyone knows what a stroller is, but what is a longboard? For the nitwits among us … it is a kind of skateboard with thicker wheels for more stability.
For sure I see the advantages: you’re on the place of destination with your child in no time and of you definitely attract a lot of attention. So a nice product for sporty parents. He also looks very flashy, the team worked closely with longboard manufacturers. But what about security? He has a strong bumper and a handbrake. The average speed of a longboard stroller is about 15 km per hour, that is something different than a walking speed of 5 km per hour. What about the traffic, unexpected turns or emergency stop? I see the crashes for me, brrr. It is not for nothing that the child wears a helmet!
Therefore, in my opinion the longboardstroller is only suitable for a small group of people who are pro’s in skateboarding or longboarding. That is probably the reason that it is available in a limited edition of 1000 pieces. The stroller costs 599 euro’s and can only be delivered within the European Union. And that probably has to do with the safety rules and tests in other continents. All together a remarkable but risky gadget!

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