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You probably have heard of the artist Keith Haring. This American artist is known for his pop art and graffiti art. One of the characters is ‘Radiant Baby’. He used this symbol in its first years of his artistic life as a kind of signature in many of his works. He saw Radiant Baby as the purest and most positive experience of human existence. On the tradeshow Kind + Jugend in Cologne Difrax launched in the presence of Dutch painter (it was nice to see him making a painting in such a short time) a new collection pacifiers inspired by Radiant Baby. The unique butterfly-shaped pacifiers are sold in five sizes at PrĂ©natal stores. Nice to give your baby some art! It’s also nice to learn that of each sold pacifier one Euro is donated to the Keith Haring Foundation which is dedicated to children affected by HIV/AIDS. Do you want to see more about Keith Haring? The exhibition Keith Haring, the Political Line can be attended until February 7, 2016 in the Kunsthal Rotterdam.

difrax keith haring fopspenen

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