Happy Pee, Jippies, babytrendwatcherweepot-maguari-babytrendwatcherHeard on the news? There is a sticker campaign going on to persuade men to urinate while sitting, which is better for the pelvic muscles but also causes less splashes. Immediately an expert appeared in the news who found it ridiculous that men should urinate sitting only to please women. ‘There are simply things for men and things for women, was his answer, women should not interfere.’ I saw that this gentleman was not very tall. Does he has any idea how big the distance to a toilet bowl is if a man measures, say a meter or two in length? This will definitely result in a splash zone. That’s why in some families men are kindly asked to sit down. Yes, you’re right, I speak from Babyhood urinoir A3 babytrendwatcherexperience. Let’s not forget that in The Netherlands (and some other countries), men are becoming taller and taller, so you can have your fun with cleaning the toilet!
So I would say, take a close look at your family and see if your kids have a chance to become tall or not. If that’s not the case, you can safely offer little boys these fun gadgets with which you can learn them to pee like a tough guy!

Images: Happy Pee (Jippie’s), Weepot (Maguari), jongensurinoir Babyhood (A3)

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