maxi cosi axissfix plusThe new legislation regarding i-Size requires a new generation of car seats. At the tradeshow in Cologne Maxi-Cosi will introduce the newest flagship AxissFix Plus. AxissFix Plus meets all the requirements of i-Size but can also be turned around 360 degrees. And this offers many advantages. First, you have to struggle less securing or removing your child from the car seat usually standing in an impossible position. Except that this saves your back and neck, there is another important advantage of this 360 degree rotating car seat. According to i-Size it’s mandatory to put children in a backwards position up to 15 months, the safest position if there would be a collision. So up to 15 months you put your child in a backwards position, after that you can rotate the carseat into a forward position.

One car seat from birth to four years

The AxissFix Plus is the successor to the AxissFix but this new type can be used with a baby insert from birth until your child is four years old. This will safe you money, because you only need to purchase one seat! The AxissFix Plus is available at special babyshops for 499 euro’s.

maxi cosi met airbag technologieMaxi-Cosi with airbag technology

And then there is more news to report from Maxi-Cosi, although not ready for production yet. The design department is working on the first car seat with air bags. In case of a collision two little airbags incorporated in the shoulder straps are blown up in a fraction of a second to protect the head and neck of the child. Then the little airbags deflate quickly. Really a revolution in the car seat industry!

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