minimonkey baby carrier babytrendwatcherThere are plenty baby carriers but in this Mini Monkey carrier you wear your baby really in a substantially different way. To experience the difference you have to try this baby carrier yourself. Founder Margot Visser has done years of research on this subject. A Mini Monkey baby carrier may look like other carriers, but next to the hip belt there is also a back belt and you don’t wear the weight on the shoulders. In this way you wear the weight of your baby down, around your center of gravity. As a result, the carrier wears light and feels very comfortable. It gives you the feeling that you’re pregnant! Immediately as you have put the baby in the carrier your baby sits safely without having fastened any straps yet. You don’t have to close straps between the blades and there are no other actions needed. The baby sits in an ergonomical way in a seat with the weight located at your lower abdomen. On the front there is a protective flap where you can fold your hands around the baby. Available in black and gray with bright accent colors for the lining.

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