mippaa stair trainerThe moment your child starts to crawl and walk you have to watch out at home! Particularly the staircase is a great danger. Did you know that every year 3.600 children from one to four years have to visit the emergency room by a fall from the stairs? Sometimes it ends well, but sometimes not… Of course you have to protect ┬ástair openings with special gates but there comes a time that your child has to learn to use the stairs. This usually happens with their hands and feet and on the buttocks back down. But children remain children and want to imitate their parents and like to grab the banisters. A clever invention is the Mippaa Stair Trainer, a separate banister made for children that you can mount very easily under your own banister. It hangs lower for a good reach and it is smaller. A closer inspection shows me that it’s made of sturdy materials and compounds, so a stable unit. Mippaa Stair Trainer fits in almost every stairway.


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