CUB babytrendwatcherIf you are pregnant you also think about how you want to give birth: conventional in bed, on the bar stool, or in the water? Now there is a new product on the market that will give midwives and mothers giving birth a helping hand: the CUB, an inflatable chair. For women giving birth it is sometimes difficult to find a good position … sitting, kneeling, hanging, leaning forward; with the CUB almost all positions are possible to deal with the contractions. With the CUB you can look for a position that is pleasing to you. ‘A vertical position increases your further space in the pelvis and this can lead to a smoother delivery with less complications’ is promised in the manual. It can also be used during pregnancy and if you don’t need it anymore, you just let the air escape. Looks pretty handy to me but I just do not know how it feels to sit on it with a bare lower CUB 2 babytrendwatcherbody, perhaps it’s better to use a towel to avoid a sticky bottom? And what about stability? No woman wants to have contractions on a wobbly ‘inflatable band’ with the chance to roll off. But the photo’s are promising and the dual air chambers will certainly help. Well, it seems to me a matter of trying and gather experiences!

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