Looking for a new toy for your baby or toddler? Take a look at the nominations for the category Toys & Gifts of the Baby Innovation Award!

I still remember how proud my sons were when their grandfather gave them a real go-kart, not one made of plastic, but from real metal, in bright blue, with pneumatic tires, adjustable seat and a firm steering. A trailer was inclusive. They had so much fun with it riding on the wide sidewalks in our neighborhood with their friends. Until they were too big for this friend and he was left alone in the garage. Fortunately we could make another family happy with it. Berg Toys now comes with a tough go-kart for the little ones named Buzzy go-kart, especially for children from 2 to 5 years. Children can learn to step on this solid go-kart and back pedaling. Seems like a great gift for boys and girls to me!

berg buzzy

Also good for the development of the movement of children is the new walker Bontoy Friendimal in the shape of a kind whale. Unique is the way you can use it; for toddlers from 18 months in the low position, but later on with a higher set. Nice design and can be used until your child is 8 years old!

bontoys friendimal

Is your little one still comfortable in the cradle or crib than doomoo Spooky is recommended. This soft cuddly toy is also a night light which radiates a nice soft light. The light turns off automatically after 10 minutes. If your baby starts to cry, Spooky starts to shine again. I like this specially because you can use the cuddly toy or nightlight separately.

doomoo spookydoomoo spooky

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