It was nice to see in Cologne the new design by Peter Opsvik. He is the designer of the famous Tripp Trapp highchair. Years ago I had the honor to meet him in Norway in his wonderful studio full with special chairs that makes you move. Because according to Opsvik, people are not designed to sit still for hours. When he himself became a grandfather he was inspired by new production methods and materials. So he came up with a completely new design: Nomi (with a nod to the word ergonomics). This chair really grows along with the child. With the Baby Relax you create a bouncer at table height. Nomi provides secure support for growing children and freedom of movement when climbing in and out of the chair. You can adjust the seat and foot rest by millimeter to teen age. Beautiful Scandinavian design!

nomi kinderstoelWe already mentioned the Stokke Home furniture concept in our blog earlier. Beautiful designed and so convenient that all these modules can be combined as desired and can be used for a longtime. It’s also ideal if you don’t have large bedrooms. For removable bassinet there is a standard, but you can place the bassinet on the bedstead. From the bedstead you can make a small ‘house’, the changing table fits on the crib standard but also on the bed and dresser. When your child grows just turn the changing table and place it on the cradle stand and voilĂ : a small desk!

stokke homeA hammock that seems to float in the penplay but can also be used independently, that’s the Hangloose. You can use Hangloose as a playmat or hammock in the playpen. The garment has two layers. The upper layer is quilted in origami manner so that, by folding a few corners, you are able to create a comfortable sleeping position for your baby. The underlayer is made of canvas and can be attached easily with loops to the box. Relax baby!

hanglooseThese are the nominations of the categorie Furniture & Decorations of the Baby Innovation Award!

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