doomoo spookyI have seen two new, cuddly products from the brand doomoo, known from the doomoo seat, the multipurpose pouf from infant to toddler. The doomoo snoogy is a warming cuddle in the shape of a turtle. He has a removable cushion with rapeseed that you can reheat in the microwave. The cuddle give warmth and lavender creates a delicate and soothing scent. Ideal if your baby has problems with colic.
doomoo spookyThe doomoo spooky is a hug with built-in night light, see picture. This light has a reassuring effect on infants and young children at bedtime or when they wake up. When you press the cuddle it will give light for 10 minutes and then goes into standby mode. Even if your baby cries doomoo spooky starts to radiate spontaneously and is reactivated. Nice to know: you can use the two parts separately: as cuddly and as designlight that you can charge with a USB cable. Is doomoo spooky dirty? The light module can be cleaned with a damp rag, the cuddly toy in the washing machine.

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