milestone cards twinAfter the introduction of the Milestone Baby Cards it went ‘crescendo’ with these cute gift cards which you can use to capture important moments in your baby’s first year. Meanwhile these cards have been copied by other (house) brands. But they are nothing compared to these original cards with his beautiful illustrations.

Now the Milestone family has grown. Besides the original babycards there are Minicards to capture the first words and phrases, and there is a special Miffy edition. New are the Baby Cards Twins; especially for parents of twins with special cards for important twin moments. Such as the first time your little ones smile at each other and both sleep the whole milestone cardsnight. You simply put a date on these cards, take a picture of the baby with the card and voilĂ , milestone immortalized. When your baby gets bigger, you can proceed with the Toddler Cards. Personally, I like the baby cards the most because in terms of development so much happens in your baby’s first year!

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