BedBox: children’s ride-on suitcase and inflight bed in one

Bedbox jetkids
Flying with your baby or toddler is fun but also difficult! Aircraft seats for us as adults are on the tight side, but your child disappears in a that big chair and doesn’t sit in an ergonomic way. Sleeping is also a problem, searching for the right sleeping position. If you take your child on your lap, you both get hot and you aren’t sitting comfortable. This can be an exhausting experience!
bedbox jetkids 1Together with his wife, a pilot and airplane engineer developed an unique product: BedBox. It is a suitcase for children, to rest and ride on but you can also transform it into an inflight bed for your child!

Bedbox is the solution

Suitcases for children with the possibility to ride on already exist on the market, but the possibility to transform it into a childrens bed is unique. The bed box is designed in a way that it fits under the seat. If your child just want to stretch his legs during the flight you can put the BedBox close to the seat. bedbox jetkids 5With the turned lid and extension you can enlarge the size of the seat. When it’s time to sleep and the light ‘seatbelts on’ are off you make a cot for your child using the extandable. To make a nice cosy bed for your child a mattress is included which can also be used as a changing mat.
BedBox of Jetkids is suitable for children from zero to seven years, the cot can be used until your child is four years old. A great solution for a practical problem where parents and children are dealing with when travelling. It will also be handy for long train or bus journeys!

Done by Deer Collection; littering in the house is ok!

done by deerAlso fond of Scandinavian brands in your nursery? Done by Deer’s such a beautiful brand that launches a fine collection every year with special graphic designs in the most beautiful color combinations like pink, blue and other pastels. But always with a spicy accent like black and gray. Everything is designed by Helen Hjorth and her Danish design team. The collection consists of bedding, baby care products such as changing mats and nursing pillows, melamine tableware, cutlery and nice long bibs for the meal, soft stuffed animals in funny stripes, toys but also many accessories that you don’t mind if it litters in your house, because they look so beautiful!
In the current collection elephant Elphee plays the leading role. Additionally Done by Deer also introduces a lovely polka dots print: Happy Dots.

done by deer

Nursery bag and carrycot all in one!

luiertas en wieg deltababy (3)I love practical things for on the go. On holiday I cannot help looking in French supermarkets for handy nursery and cooler bags. The weather there is a lot brighter and sometimes I see some very handy bags. In my basement you will find some necessary copies. Although my children are no babies anymore, some nursery bags still prove their service on the beach and on the go!
luiertas en wiegIn this context I like to mention the delta baby nursery bag from Belgium. Not not just a nursery bag, but also a travel cot and now completely renewed! The disadvantage of many nursery bags is that they are quite heavy because of the insulation material. And this material is necessary to keep baby’s nutrition and bottles cool. delta baby managed to make this bag 45% lighter, so for 1.5 kilos you have a heck of a diaper bag and a travel crib all in one. Such a handy accessory for all the  trips you will make with your baby! But that’s not the only thing that’s new, it got a completely fresh look with new fabrics and colors. Definitely a design to stay!


This digital crib measures everything

wieg met sensoren van nestNest is a US company (owned by Google / Alphabet) that develops products that makes the life of people a little easier. Like a thermostat that automatically adjusts to the rhythm of life as it programs itself during operation. Or a smoke detector that tests itself and where you can turn off the alarm with your phone.
Nest has now applied for a new patent for a product that excites my curiosity: a crib with sensors. The patent application is a huge list of features for this connected crib, too extensive to treat them all here. In short, it means that all movements and the baby’s body can be monitored. The crib sensors are processed everywhere as well as technique that can be connected to anything. Think of a camera that you can use as a baby monitor, but also sensors that measures your baby’s sleep and temperature, if your baby has a cold or has a full diaper, it can even play a song or a movie to soothe your baby. There are LED lights which enables you to put your baby back in its crib to sleep. And if your toddler dares to climb out of his crib then a closing mechanism starts working. No idea how this works.
baby met sensorenDo we want this as parents, I wonder? Developments in baby technology go fast, I know. I am aware of the fact that more and more sensors are processed in sensors in clothes and diapers. But this digital cradle is very over the top. Do we want a digital watchdog where parents hardly are involved anymore? There have been long discussions about the possible danger of radiation from baby monitors. With these techniques your child will definitely get an overdose of electron radiation…

Hip new baby toys

oli carol

Looking for new baby toys? In this blog I give you some ideas for new and interesting toys for your baby or toddler!
Very beautiful are the new toys of the Spanish label Oli & Carol. They are made of organic rubber and biodegradable. It is also ok with the pigments because this toy is colored with safe dyes from foods. There are Oli & Carol teethers, toys, cars, boats and a nice retro line.

skip hop baby speelgoed

Also worth mentioning is the new range of Skip Hop. There is a push toy, rattle, phone and stack tower with owls motif. For all young musicians there is a bee rattle a hedgehog accordion and clickclack hedgehog.

fresk baby speelgoedThe brand Fresk introduces its own toy collection that blends nicely with the beautiful designs of their textile and accessory line. There are nice stacking blocks for training the fine motor skills and learning colors, animals, numbers and letters.
Finished playing? For easy storage there are storage baskets and boxes of Lässig. All made from eco-friendly material and by buying you support charity too. You can choose from different prints: a fox, deer, crocodile, shark, elephant, tortoise or birdie!

lassig opbergmand

lassig opbergmand 3

lassig opbergmand 5lassig opbergmand 2