babytrendwatcher woodly Roll-hanging cradle 1I have a weakness for cribs so when a new model comes along makes it is likely to end up in my blog … What to think of this ‘Roll the hanging cradle’? This beautiful cradle is equipped with a birch wooden bowl and a litter of pure wool. This cradle not only swings back and forth, but it rocks your baby just like in the womb. Four strong cotton cords come together in a wooden ring and you can attach the cradle to the ceiling with a hook. After the baby time you can use the crib as a storage box or magazine holder while the birch shell, turned upside down, will be a handy little table for the child’s room. Within it a breathable, cotton and biological spelt husks mattress for many healthy baby sleeps. Designed by Laura & Valerio Vinaccia, spotted on the Italian website Woodly for 540 euro’s, including mattress and suspension.

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