qukel 2 babytrendwatcherHow to find out what really goes on in the head of my child? wondered Dutch biologist Gerard Krijger when his first son was born. He took a course in developmental psychology and found out that there are hardly any toys available that focus on the interaction between father and child. Together with two experts he developed an original toy line for the different stages of child development with playing tips for fathers and with each toy a fact, as fathers love facts. Such as the Sleep Soothe with little rabbit or monkey in the corner. Put the Sleepsoother in with Daddy for a night so that it smells of him. Afther birth the baby will recognize his smell and this will help the baby to fall asleep. Also original is Daddy Times with crinkle-crackle sound in the form of a newspaper full of Dutch songs and poems and embroidered drawings. The DoDice is suitable for children from 15 to18 months, Roll the Do Dice and what can you see? Is it a tickly spider, a stomping elephant, or a jumping kangaroo? Nice to know is that Qukel toys are made in India for a fair price of cotton with biodegradable paint.
qukel 1 babytrendwatcher

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