bugaboo runner 2 babytrendwatcherStop with the gym, yoga and swimming, expectant mothers want action! We see more and more organizations developing work outs for pregnant and young mothers. Did you used to hear to take it a little bit easy once you’re pregnant, now is the message: keep fit because it can help you with a smooth delivery and you’re in shape a lot faster. No more excuses for that belly blubber and flabby abs after childbirth. Training is the message, of course under expert supervision, because you have to know which exercises you can and can’t do and know when to stop.
We were already familiar with the sports program of Mom in Balance, original from the United States and further developed here in The Netherlands. In various cities you can train your muscle groups and keep in shape. New is the 2B Mommy Boot Camp Club during pregnancy and Mommy Boot Camp for mums who just gave birth. A smart move is to organize a Runner Boot Camp, powered by Bugaboo. This month, Bugaboo will launch  the Bugaboo Runner specially developed for parents who wish to sport with their baby. It is not a completely new pram but a chassis that is suitable for the seat of the Bugaboo Cameleon, Bee, Donkey version 1.1 and Buffalo. The seat on the chassis is still reversible and adjustable in sitting or lying position. With the 16 “rear wheels and 14” inch front wheel a smooth ride is guaranteed. The front wheel is adjustable and the chassis has a good suspension. Ready to go?

Bugaboo Runner babytrendwatcher


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