Stokke Home White 2 babytrendwatcherStokke does it again with the new Home collection that will be introduced this spring. What makes it so special? First, it is a good concept that can be used for your nursery and later with some modifications in your child’s room!
The first impression of the cradle is rather simple but there is more. The inside of the frame can be swinged back and forth and the upholstery is soft, Stokke Home white 1 babytrendwatcherlightweight, removable and washable. Because of its size the cribb can be rolled from the baby’s room to your bedroom easily and vice versa. Handy for the first weeks after the baby is born! Secondly, I am impressed by the multi-functionality. The innerside of the cradle can be used in the crib for a sleeping place and the tray of the chest of drawers fits also on the crib and the frame of the cradle. With the high sides and a changing pad it’s a safe changing table in no-time. For larger children you can use the tray and standard of the cradle to change it into a desk or playing table.
According designer Robert Myrene the crib is the heart of the Stokke Home collection. The frame on the crib indeed gives the suggestion of a house, a safe place to live in. With the canopy it’s a lovely place to sleep in and when your child is getting older you switch it into a sofa with ‘tent’ which makes it is a place to rest but also a playhouse.
The nice thing is that all furniture fits in small or larger children’s rooms. In addition, this concept fits the trend of sustainability: you don’t have to buy new furniture after the first baby years. And of course there is the beautiful minimalist design again, Scandinavians can do that like no other! Available in Hazy Grey or White with matching accessories.
Stokke Home Hazy Grey babytrendwatcher

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