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Baby Monitor with projection to prevent positional preference

babyfoon alecto projectorRecently, the district police asked our attention for the fact that there was burgled nearby our house. The resident of the house was absent but thanks to the fact that there was a baby monitor in the house, which was overheard by neighbors, a burglary was prevented! The police noted: ‘such a device appears to be a good replacement for an alarmsystem!’
So it’s nice to hear that a baby monitor also can be used to prevent burglary. Now there is a new baby monitor on the market that offers more extra’s: the DBX 111 of Alecto. Not only does this baby monitor looks very good with its sleek design, with the extra features your baby is in dreamland soon. Such as soothing lullabies and a technique to project a starry sky on the ceiling. Nice to know: you can also use this projection to prevent your child to develop positional preference to project alternately right and left on the ceiling. DBX 111 has a digital connection with Eco-Mode (for setting the energy level), a clear LCD display, a range of 300 meters, a talking function and temperature display with alarm when it is too cold or too hot in the nursery.

Nominees BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award announced!

BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award genomineerd! - kopie klein

Yes, it’s time! The nominees of the BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award are announced! The jury day began with getting up early to drive all articles in several cars to NH Hotel Naarden. There they were unloaded in a spacious room, unpacked, displayed and provided with descriptions. Not much later, the members of the jury trickled in, some came by train, some by car, others even by bike. After instruction, coffee, tea and yummie things to eat, the program started with several demos of technical products such as strollers, car seats and baby monitors. In the afternoon the great work began, which product earned a nomination? Therefore any product was subjected to a thorough inspection of the jury. At the end of the day the jury was unanimous in its decision. As organisator we fully support their choices and could return home satisfied with fully loaded cars again.

In the category Mobility is nominated: Tricycle Urban Glide Thule, stroller Easy Walker Mosey and sling Tricot Slen Cool of Babylonia.
In the category Travel & Safety: Duukies Beach Socks, Jippie’s Wall Saver, DVM 400 Hybrid HD image Baby Monitor of Alecto and XQC covers to pimp your stroller of Maguari.
In the category Care: Citroganix toothpaste with Gum-eez bites figure Nûby, Baby Shower Glove of Invented4Kids, Easyfit Binky washable nappy from Tots Bots and baby skin care products from Dr. Leenarts.
In the category Feeding: Mammae Moments Breastfeeding top and Napper Nursery Wallet of Kip Kep.
2015 NOM HR kopie - webIn the category of Furniture & Decoration are nominated: rockaRoo baby swing of 4Moms, Stokke Steps bouncer and high chair and Ilya mobile changing table system of Bopita.
In Toys & Gifts won Milestone Mini Cards, Ball Play Activity Gym Nest of Playgro, Butterfly Who am I of Lamaze and the Safe and Fun Playmat of Oops.
Do you want to learn more the products? Please have a look at: www.babyinnovationaward.nl

Winnaars BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award bekend

YoYo BabyZenDe winnaars van de BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award zijn bekend! De tellingen van vakjury, moeders van de Ouders van Nu jurydag en alle online stemmers hebben elk voor eenderde deel bepaald wie er zouden winnen. De meeste stemmen gingen dit jaar naar:
Sirona van Cybex; de autostoel die je vanaf de geboorte kunt gebruiken tot 18 kilo waarbij je kindje achterwaarts kan worden vervoerd. De IVM 150 Smart Babymonitor van Alecto; de eerste plug & play beeldbabyfoon die werkt met een app. De BeSafe Pregnancy IZI FIX; veiligheidsgordel voor in de auto voor zwangere vrouwen. The Original Ba; een flessenhouder die baby’s zelf al vroeg kunnen vasthouden. De Bednest; een cosleeper waarmee je baby op een veilige manier dicht bij het ouderlijk bed kan slapen. Milestone Baby Cards; daarmee leg je de eerste mijlpalen van je baby in beeld vast. En de speciale Ouders van Nu Consumer Award ging naar de YoYo buggy van BabyZen; een supersnel in- en uit te vouwen buggy en die je als handbagage in het vliegtuig mee mag nemen.
We maken ons nu op voor de uitreiking op de Negenmaandenbeurs waarbij het BabyStuf team de winnaars in het zonnetje zal zetten. In de ochtenden krijgen alle genomineerden de kans om hun product te komen demonstreren. En tussen de middag misschien nog even naar de make-up room, want AT5, (televisiezender voor regio Amsterdam) komt langs om van de winnaars persoonlijk te horen wat er zo bijzonder is aan deze winnende producten!