bottle genius born freeA few years ago we talked here in the newsroom have about how useful it would be if you could make baby formula by pushing the button just as you make a cup of coffee. That was really something we would like to invent! But how do you start with something like that? We also know what is involved by the development of a new technical product… BĂ©aba came up with the Bib’expresso: a device that produces water at the right temperature that flows into the bottle and dissolves the baby formula in that bottle. So you still have to put the formula in to the bottle first.

The new Genius Born Free Bottle goes one step further; you fill the container at the top with baby formula, put water in another container, set in the size of the bottle and press the start button. The water flows in the bottle at the right temperature and the right amount of milk powder is then added into the bottle. Just shake the bottle and voila! Making a bottle is easy with a baby on your arm, but is also convenient if you have to prepare a bottle at odd times, for example at nights! I actually thought that this device made it possible to mix water and formula in one stream to run into the bottle, but this idea is apparently a step to far, and for understandable and hygienic reasons dropped. No wonder if you see the work I have if I have to clean my own coffee machine….

Seeing how the Bottle Genius works?