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Trends and winners Baby Innovation Award at the Nine Months Fair 2016

winners baby innovation award
The Negenmaandenbeurs is over and we look back on a very successful event! On the first day the winners of the Baby Innovation Award were announced with lots of noise. All nominees were present for the announcement and that was a tense moment. It was so exciting that some winners erupted in cheers such as the five fathers of Hang Loose!

In Category Mobility the carseat Cloud Q of Cybex was the winner. This car seat has an almost flat lying position, can be used as a travel cot outside the car, is equipped with side impact protection, has a nice big UV protective sun canopy and the seat can be adapted to 11 levels to grow with the child.
In Category Travel & Safety the gb Pockit buggy won. It is the most compact buggy in the world, fits folded into a bag and weighs only 4.3 kilograms. The mothers of fabulous mama&family also rewarded this buggy with the Consumer Award.
In Category Care won Squid Soap hand soap Sparks Ltd. The soap dispenser leaves an ink dot on the back of the child’s hand. So children learn in a playful way to wash their hands properly until the dot disappears.
In Category Feeding Baby Bottle Munchkin Latch came out as the winner. This bottle has an anti colic valve and an ultra soft teat that moves in all directions. Milk only flows once the baby puts pressure on it.
In Furniture and Decoration the Hangloose playpen and hammock became the proud winner. It is a hammock with a folding soft cloth on top. Your little baby lies on it in a comfortable and ergonomic way.
doomoo spooky of Delta Diffusion is the big winner of Toys & Gifts. This soft and cuddly nightlight gives a soft light for 10 minutes and gives light again when your baby starts to cry.
For the new category Green we collaborate with BabyBeGood in which The Bioserie toys is the final winner. This toy is made from plants and is completely safe for children to feel, taste and explore.

negenmaandenbeurs uitreikingAll nominated and winning products were showing off on the new Baby Innovation Plein. There was a lot of interest for all products and we could sell them on the spot, so much demand was there. If brands were there we could refer consumers to booths at the fair. Learn more about the election and the winners? You’ll find it on the site of the baby innovation award.
There is also a nice film of the fabulous mama jury day:

winnaars baby innovation awardsBefore the announcement of these awards, I gave my views on the latest baby trends. I talked about mobility, fashion, sport, rear-facing car seats, dad gadgets, new techniques in baby textiles, new ways of babyfeeding, the latest trends to decorate the baby nursery and of course the latest trends in sustainability and baby products.
Key words came back in a huge word cloud on the Trend Wall on the Baby Innovation Plein. A part of my presentation can be found in our new BabyStuf Trend Magazine which was distributed in the special shopper of the fair.
Taking part on the Negenmaandenbeurs takes a lot of preparation and effort but you gain so much with it. Where do you speak and see so many consumers in your target group in a few days? Besides it’s a good way to promote our election and consumersite BabyStuf.nl. We have collected a lot of new addresses, gained ideas and these are golden days for networking!

trendwall negenmaandenbeurs
babystuf standnegenmaandenbeursbaby innovatieplein skelter

Ceremony Baby Innovation Award winners 2015

winnaars babystuf baby innovation award 2015Finally it was time! The winners of the Baby Innovation Award are presented and the ceremony of the awards took place on the first day of the biggest consumerfair in The Netherlands: de Negenmaandenbeurs. We had to wait for the official opening but at half past ten it was time. The election in brief: in November a jury nominated in each category about three products. Afterwards consumers could vote online and by doing so they could win one of the nominated products. We have received 17.000 votes online. Mid January, the Mama Jury day took place in cooperation with consumer magazine fabulous mama. All these scores determine one-third of who ultimately will be the winner. After a short speech by me, the winners received their desired award and certificate! I herewith present you the winners and tell you what’s so special about the product:

The Tricot Slen Cool of Babylonia is made of fibers from recycled PET bottles. This makes the product moisture-regulating, breathable and cool when worn. But there is more: the sling is lightweight, wears comfortably and offers great support. ‘Innovative and sustainable’ said the jury.
Duukies Beach Socks protect little feet from hot sand, sharp stones and shells, smooth surfaces and the sun. They are made of soft nylon and neoprene, comfortable, quick drying and easy to put on. ‘All over a very functional and practical product,’ the jury said. Available in various trendy and cheerful designs.
Bathing is one of the finest things to do with your baby. With the Baby Shower Glove it is not only fun, but is also safer. These soft, organic toweling glove covers the forearm, sticks to the skin when it is wet, and provides grip when holding the child. The jury found it ‘really a practical product that solves a familiar problem.’
Baby Shower Glove also received the special Consumer Award by consumer magazine fabulous mama.
The Napper Nursery Wallet of KipKep is the ideal tool for nursing mothers. In this handy pouch compresses for breastfeeding can be stored in a dry and hygienic way. ‘Convenient for travel and sustainable because it saves plastic bags in your purse,’ the jury said.
In the Stokke Steps Bouncer babies get the feeling that they are in the arms of mom. It features the unique, rocking movement and soft, quilted lining. The product fits perfectly on the Stokke Chair Steps. Jury: ‘It is a very complete concept and therefore a long-lasting, sustainable solution.’
The Ball Play Activity Gym of Playgro is a play mat and ball park in one. The soft walls and detachable toy bows can be adapted to the developmental stages of the child. A play mat for learning, discovery and development, which guarantees a lot of fun. The jury was impressed by the multi functionality, also older children can play with it when the arches are removed.

See more on www.babyinnovationaward.nl

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What are the baby trends for 2015?

ergonomische babydrager roscon babytrendwatcherThe important consumer fair The Negenmaandenbeurs started just a few days ago, a good time to share some important babytrends with you:

No stroller but a baby carrier

A stroller was invented so you don’t have to carry your baby anymore and to have your hands free. But nowadays there is a growing group of parents who like to carry their baby in a baby carrier and don’t have a stroller anymore! This group of parents are mostly strong believers of natural parenting and choose an ergonomic baby carrier, specially developed for the ‘happy hips’ position. Further, I see more and more carriers made of special materials such as recyclable fiber and breathable fabrics so you and your baby don’t get too warm. Nice to know: I see more and more fathers in the street carrying their babies, just look at the promotional material from manufacturers!

Strollers: more comfort

techniek kinderwagens baby trendwatcher origamiWhether you prefer a practical stroller because you live on the third floor, or you prefer a fashionable stroller, there’s a stroller for everyone. Strollers used to be small and compact for parents ‘on the go’, but fortunately now more attention is paid to the comfort of the child with larger carrycots and seats. High strollers are becoming very popular, ideal for having better contact with your baby but it also saves your back by taking your child in and out!
The latest technologies are the strollers which can be folded in and out by one push of a button and safety gadgets such as a security light on the front wheel. Also, the first recyclable pram is for sale in The Netherlands. A stroller doesn’t have to be expensive: by increasing competition and economic recession brands offer complete strollers with good value for money.

Safe i-Size car seats

achterwaarts vervoer autostoel babytrendwatcherDe new i-Size standard which is introduced requires a lot of adaptations by car seat manufacturers. They are working hard to make all car seats i-Size proof. In addition, your child will be transported facing back using ISOFIX. Focus is on the length of the child instead of weight. These seats offer better protection in case of frontal and side collisions. With car seats, safety is number one of course, but there is increasing attention for the comfort of the child;  there are carseats where your child can be transported in a lying position and some seats have head side supports which grow with your child. However, the combination with i-Size still seems to be a difficult task.

Babyfood: eating from reusable pouches

babyvoeding knijpzakje babytrendwatcher sili squeezeBased on the adult breakfasts ‘on the go’ we see a lot of squeeze bags with fruit and vegatable snacks. Convenient for traveling or if you are in a hurry! On international trade shows I also saw reusable squeeze pouches for home made smoothies of fruit and vegetables. However, some experts are critical about this way of feeding: they say you don’t learn your child to eat properly and it can influence the development of your child’s mouth!

Baby Skin Care: no harmful ingredients please

baby huidverzorging gifvrij, babytrendwatcherIrritations, allergies, endocrine disruptors …Harmful substances in baby skin care can cause much harm, so if there are care products for children without these harmful ingredients, then of course yes please! There appear more and more brands on the market without or with less harmful ingredients. Large manufacturers follow this trend and adjust their formulas.

Baby furniture: let it grow

grow up doorgroei babytrendwatcherIt is trend to choose for a baby nursery that can be changed into a teen room. Smart, less expensive and durable! The crib can be transferred into a teen bed, the dresser into a desk. Decoration trends: next to common nursery rooms with a theme (think of nature,  princesses and princes, marine), it is hip to mix and match vintage with new. Perfection in the nursery makes place for ‘underlayment’ which stands for unfinished, basic and a tough look.

Knowledge is power

meten is weten minilandTechnique is becoming increasingly important in the baby industry. What about a baby romper that indicates how warm or cold your baby is? Or a device that measures how much breastfeeding you have given with one breast? Or a thermometer that measures the temperature of your baby without skin contact? The newest generation baby monitors show your baby on smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi or mobile internet!

Sustainable and green

babykamer Duurzaam colibriesMoms of today ask for responsible made baby products which are produced with respect for people and environment. As a mother, you simply want the best for your child and therefore you want to know where products are made. Mothers also look critically whether something is really necessary or not.  ‘Getting rid of things’ and ‘sustainability’ are the keywords. Therefore children stuff is not thrown away after use, but can have a second life. Websites for second hand baby and children stuff and clothes swap parties flourish as never before.

Also have a look at the Negenmaandenbeurs movie where I talk about baby trends, just after tradeshow manager Nicole Tuitert!

Genomineerden BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award 2014 bekend!

genomineerden baby innovation award

Dinsdag was het zover, een achtkoppige jury bestaande uit vertegenwoordigers van consumentenbladen, ergonomie, veiligheid, consumentenbond en ontwerpbureau boog zich over alle inzendingen voor de BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award. Alle producten werden beoordeeld op criteria als innovatie, gebruiksvriendelijkheid, design, vakmanschap en veiligheid. Here are the votes of the Dutch jury!

In de categorie Mobility werden genomineerd: Origami kinderwagen van 4Moms die zich met een druk op de knop automatisch uit- en invouwt, IGO kinderwagen van Mutsy met ergonomisch zit- en ligpositie én innovatieve lichtgewicht reiswieg, de 2Way Pearl van Maxi-Cosi; het eerste autostoeltje dat helemaal voldoet aan de nieuwe i-Size norm met mogelijkheid voor achterwaarts vervoer en autostoeltje Aton Q van Cybex met zijn in acht standen in hoogte verstelbare hoofdsteun en geïntegreerde gordelgeleider. In de categorie Travel & Safety zijn de winnaars: Pippi Carrier universele autostoeldrager voor winkelwagen, Dooky BuggyBar waarmee je een buggy met een hand kunt besturen en de ergonomische draagdoek Ergobaby Wrap van 4D stretchstof. In de categorie Feeding: voedingsbeha met gelbeugel van Carriwell, My best friend voedingskussen waarmee de baby direct in goede voedingshouding ligt en universele flessenwarmer Bib’s Seconds van BÉABA die de temperatuur van de voeding controleert maar ook kan steriliseren en ontdooien. In de categorie Care werden genomineerd: multifunctioneel kussen Buddy van ISI geschikt voor gebruik voor, tijdens en na de zwangerschap maar ook in de baby- en kindertijd, Mubys babywear met uitneembaar voorpandje, Neckerchew bijtslab van ISI en Shnuggle babybadje van licht en warm materiaal en ergonomische zit. Bij Furniture & Decorations vielen de volgende superproducten in de prijzen: mamaRoo wipstoel van 4Moms die baby’s wiegt zoals in de armen van ouders, Grow Up bed van The Wood Factory waarmee je van een babybed een volwassen bed kunt maken en letterkast en baby- en kinderkameraccessoire verkrijgbaar in alle letters van het alfabet van Minius. In de categorie Toys & Gifts wonnen: de Weerol van Weefab waarmee een loopwagen, kruiwagen en duwwagen en poppenwagen kan worden gemaakt en de interactieve knuffelbeer Nino en Nina van Vtech en mogelijkheid om deze te personaliseren via USB en internet.

Wij als organisator kijken terug op een zeer geslaagde jurydag met een deskundig team van juryleden! Vanaf 25 november kunnen consumenten online hun stem uitbrengen en medio januari is er de Ouders van Nu jurydag waar moeders uit de praktijk de genomineerde artikelen gaan jureren. De uiteindelijke winnaars zullen op de Negenmaandenbeurs bekend worden gemaakt.  Neem beslist een kijkje op www.babyinnovationaward.nl voor meer informatie!


Week of fame

uitreiking baby innovation awards negenmaandenbeursDe Negenmaandenbeurs is nog niet eens voorbij maar wat een bijzondere dagen hebben we al gehad! Allereerst was er, direct na de opening, de prijsuitreiking van de BabyStuf Baby Innovation Award op onze stand. De zes winnaars van top innovaties ontvingen hun awards en oorkondes. De winnaar van de Ouders van Nu Consumer Award kreeg zelfs een pagina advertentie aangeboden in Ouders van Nu. Allemaal blije gezichten! Direct daarna begon de hectiek, want RTL 4 kwam langs en wilde een nieuwsitem wijden aan de Sirona Cybex en de nieuwe isize norm voor autostoeltjes die eind van het jaar wordt verwacht. Dat is de normering waarbij kinderen zo lang mogelijk achteruit kijkend moeten worden vervoerd en waarbij niet meer wordt uit gegaan van het gewicht van het kind, maar van de lengte, vandaar de naam isize! Autostoel Sirona van Cybex loopt namelijk vooruit op deze normering. ’s avonds was bij het RTL 4 nieuws volop aandacht voor deze nieuwe stoel en de nieuwe norm. Tussen de middag kwam AT5 langs, een Amsterdamse regionale televisiezender. Gelukkig van te voren aangekondigd zodat ook de winnaars present waren om iets te vertellen over hun innovatie voor mama’s en hun baby’s. Het verslag ging direct ’s middags de lucht in. En bij thuiskomst werd ik einde middag gebeld door het Carola 9mndbeursAlgemeen Dagblad over de nieuwe isize norm. Mijn antwoorden zijn keurig in een informatief artikel verwerkt en gisteren in het AD. Vorige week werd ik ook nog geïnterviewd door HDC media voor de weekeind bijlage Vrij over de Mama Masterclasses die we van BabyStuf geven. Je begrijpt, nauwelijks tijd om nieuwtjes te spotten deze beurs, maar mijn week kan niet meer stuk!