zilverkapje silvercap babytrendwatcherInstead of a romantic picture while breastfeeding your child, you are getting problems like sore nipples … ahhhh, horror! Despite all the information and guidance (because knowing how to breastfeed with your baby the right position can prevent much suffering!) it is still possible that you are feeding in a tense way because of cracked nipples. In that case only ointments are prescribed in The Netherlands. But in Italy, Switzerland and England mothers often use silver caps. These silver shields with pure silver are put on the nipples in your bra between feedings. So they are not comparable to the flexible nipple shields that are used during the feeding! Maybe it sounds a little strange if you’ve never heard of it, but silver is traditionally known for its antibacterial and healing properties. Silver is still used today in watertanks of aircrafts zilverkapje silvercap babytrendwatcher.jpgagainst pollution and some refrigerators are equipped with a silver-containing coating to reduce mold. Also on the skin silver works antibacterial. Adelheid Hiemstra comes from Italy and decided to import these silver caps from Italy to The Netherlands to introduce these to Dutch mothers. Only mothers who are allergic to silver (which is a very small part of the population) can better leave these caps for what they are. The metal of the silver caps have a cooling effect, air is created for the healing of the nipple and there are mothers who find that they are leaking less. You can wear the caps between the feedings, but also at night. Cleaning is simple under the tap and if the baby time has passed, you can save them for the next baby or melt the silver to a beautiful jewelry as a souvenir!